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WATCH: From CEO To Athlete, Chucky Caught Up With Nathan Farrugia For Another Round Of 21 Questions

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From setting up one of the island’s most prominent charities to running a marathon a day for 27 days, Nathan Farrugia certainly lives no ordinary life. We caught up with him for another instalment of our 21 Questions series, and got to know a little bit more about the man behind the business.

Sitting comfortably in the new Volvo XC60, Chucky headed off to pick up Nathan

But not before storing his beach bags in the boot of the car, that he conveniently opened with a simple kick thanks to the Volvo’s swanky ‘kick to open’ feature.

If you haven’t heard of Nathan Farrugia, he’s involved in several businesses and events both locally and abroad. And he’s a pretty insane athlete too. Most people will know him from that time he ran 27 marathons in 27 countries over 27 days.

You’ll have to watch the entire video to get the full low-down on Nathan

And all his answers to our 21 questions. But for now, here are some of our favourite things that we learnt about him;

  • He likes cats because, like him, they don’t like people
  • He would love to have dinner with Gandhi
  • His current favourite song is the classic Bohemian Rhapsody
  • He doesn’t think he has any hidden talents
  • His favourite city is London
  • His first job was greasing lift cables at his dad’s company

Although, we have to say, we highly doubt his doesn’t have *any* hidden talents – the man seems to be able to do it all. The Volvo, however, does have a hidden talent.

You know when you forget where you parked and wish your car could just answer your call and let you know where it is?

Well, the Volvo XC60 kind of does that. With the Volvo On Call App, all you have do is press a button and the car will signal you with a flash of the hazards and a honk of the horn, letting you know exactly where it is.

And the Volvo On Call App comes with a whole range of cool features, like the ability to start up the engine, and pre-cool (or heat) the car before you even leave the house.

You can also directly import maps and directions from your phone into the interactive screen in the car.

The Volvo XC60 is the perfect family car, and Chucky and Nathan certainly felt comfortable on their drive

It’s mega spacious and has a massive boot so you can chuck all your beach bags, umbrellas, toys, etc.. in. It’s also great for travelling because it accommodates suitcases and camping materials. The car also includes some features that make it easier for you to handle if you’ve got your hands full of kids or bags, such as push-to-open and a boot that opens by swiping your leg underneath it.

And if you’re headed to the beach and are worried about leaving your car key in your bag, the car also comes with a special ‘diver’s key’. This key can spend up to one hour under water, up to a depth of ten meters. So you don’t need to worry about anyone making a move for it.

So in summary; if you’re a family person, a bit of an avid traveller, or lose your car a bit too often,  the Volvo XC60 is a great choice for you. Plus, who wouldn’t want to be able to pre-cool their car?

Tag a friend who always forgets where they parked

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