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WATCH: From Freelancing To Study Space, Malta’s Latest Co-Working Café Has Landed

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Whether you’re an entrepreneur trying to start your own business, a freelancer working on a creative project, or a student cramming for exams, where you get your work done has a massive effect on your productivity.

Spending hours on end at home can really put a damper on your motivation ,and the stress of trying to secure a good station with an electricity socket at a coffee shop is just not worth it.

A brand new co-working café has just arrived in Mosta to solve all your workspace problems

Located in the heart of the city, 230 Works is the co-working space of your dreams. It’s basically a coffee shop, common room, board room, work space, and hang-out zone all rolled into one.

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They follow an innovative concept where you pay for the time you spend there as opposed to the facilities you use and the food you eat.

For €6 an hour, you get access to unlimited coffee prepared by the 230 Works baristas, snacks and free WiFi. Printing and scanning services are also available.

You can also use their kitchen if you want to bring your own food from home or you can purchase a hot meal from there.

The free snacks available include fruit, cereals, biscuits, breads, jams, yoghurts, cakes, nuts and loads of confectionary items; so you’ll never go hungry.

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If you don’t want to work in the common space, you can use one of their booths, perfect for individuals and small groups. There’s also an events room that can fit up to 50 people, and even includes a stage and presentation screen. So it’s the perfect place to host guests and small work events.

If you need to take a break while you’re working, you can pick up a book or a board game and relax for a bit

But at the same time you get to keep your brain active. Or, if you really need a break, you could buy you and your colleagues a cheeky glass of wine to reward yourselves for your day of hard work.

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So whether you’ve got a group project to work on for uni or want to meet up with buds to brainstorm your next killer start-up project, you need to check out 230 Works and get cracking.

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