WATCH: From Prime Minister's Special Envoy To MEP Hopeful, Here's Everything You Need To Know About Cyrus Engerer

Meet his family, behind the popular Paradise Exiles in Sliema, his boyfriend, Randolph, and find out what Joseph Muscat thinks of him

Time is flying by with the MEP election right around the corner, and we need to make sure we are electing the very best people for the job. You need to know who you’re voting for and what they’re all about, which can be tough with so many candidates running for the post.

I’ve done my best to try to meet every single person out there, but just in case I haven’t…

Hi, I'm Cyrus and here’s everything you need to know about me.

My Work In The EU

The work we do on the European stage is crucial. It is the only place we are really able to push Malta's agenda and the message of everyday Maltese people forward on a global level.

We have a positive message to share, and we must make sure that we are doing everything we can to push Malta forward.

It's our duty to combat the damage being done and use every opportunity to get our message across to every single member state; whether that's in a corridor, coffee shop, or the European Parliament.

My work as the Prime Minister's Envoy to the EU has shown me the importance of dialogue and conviction to ensure that Malta is getting the very best Europe has to offer.

I've learned what it means to translate the real issues affecting Maltese people, whether that was working with the Prime Minister or any other cabinet Minister, into a clear and concise message for some of the highest ranking EU officials.

My Childhood

My childhood is a big part of who I am. Growing up working by the seaside taught me a lot, whether that's keeping our traditions alive or the importance of never forgetting the people who made you who are.

Working over at Paradise Exiles, even if it was collecting enough glass bottles to buy a cinema ticket, taught me the importance of hard work and what it meant to suffer a bit more for the good of everyone else.

That bar is a crucial part of who I am today, and I'll never forget where I'm from. But I believe that is even more important to use these life lessons to help you move forward along your own personal journey.

Life is full of experiences which all help you build character regardless if they were good or bad. Everyone makes mistakes, the important thing is recognising them, doing what you can to change, and become a better person.

My Family And Friends

The time I spend with family and friends is precious, even though the campaign is making it harder and harder to meet them. I always try to find a little bit of time for everyone, whether that's Randolph, my nanna, cousins, or friends.

At the end of it all, they're the ones who have taught me the most.

Growing up in poverty, my mother's family was able to build a successful life for themselves through the help of others. For my family and myself, the Labour Party’s legacy lives on.

It's a formative part of who they are, and their roots have continued through me. It's allowed me to understand the value in helping those who are the most vulnerable. As my nannu always said, "the measure of a good person is not the wealth they have, but their willingness to help those weaker than them."

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