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WATCH: Maltese Adventurer Lets Instagram Followers Make His Choices For An Entire 24 Hours

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Let’s just say it as it is; some of us are braver than others. Some of us are willing to jump off cliffs that are three storeys high or eat something disgusting just for the fun of it. Some of use are just more comfortable cheering on from the sidelines.

Karl Hili, known as hili_adventures on Instagram, is definitely in the ‘braver than others’ camp

We teamed up with Dr Juice and challenged Karl to a ‘Choose Your Adventure’ day on our Instagram account

It’s basically Netflix’s Bandersnatch, but in real life.

For 24 hours, Karl left his plans in the hands of our followers over on the Lovin Malta Insta account. He presented followers with two options and then it was up to them to decide how his day would pan out.

Dr Juice wants you to Boost Your Day and give every day the energy it deserves, and that’s definitely what Karl does. So it seemed like the only match that made sense!

Karl started his day off by being doused in some ice-cold juice from Dr Juice

Not a bad way to give your day a starting boost! He then went of to drink five shots of ginger for breakfast, because that’s what real adventurers do to kick off their day

And then, the real adventures began

Karl headed off to the clay slopes near Riviera Bay, scarfed down 15 pancakes from Dr Juice for lunch, and then tried out a fly-board over the sea in Sliema. At this point, he did give followers the chance to allow him to take a rest, but a whopping 79% decided there was no time for a break.

So he headed off to Sliema to give flying a try.

After that, it was off to the coral lagoon to do some cliff diving off a three-storey-high cliff in Mellieħa. We’re sure the water was pretty damn cold, but thank God the sun was out.

The day ended with a chill ride on an electric one-wheel over by the Dingli Cliffs and a second stop at Dr Juice to drink an entire litre of carrot juice. Yum!

To be totally honest, we got exhausted just watching Karl’s day pan out

But he seemed to have fun, so that’s all that counts really. And he had all his nutrients from the drinks and food from Dr Juice to keep him going, so that’s definitely a great day in our books.

We’re kind of inspired to get out and choose our own adventures now. Kind of.

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