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WATCH: Maltese Youths React To The European Parliament’s Thought-Provoking Viral Video

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“It’s a good opportunity that we get to vote, because we’re younger and we have a different perspective.

On the 25th of May a whole bunch of Maltese young people will be able to vote during the MEP elections, some for the first time ever.

But why is it important that they vote?

The EU parliament recently released Choose Your Future; a short film which was just unleashed on social media all over Europe. The video has already had over 125 million views so far and highlights exactly why we should all be voting, no matter our age.

We showed the short film to six Maltese youths between the ages of 17 and 20, to see what they thought about it

Their first reactions were a mixture of feeling emotional, confused, and simultaneously in awe and afraid of the process of birth. Which is, you know, fair.

But as the point of the video got clearer, they started to catch on.

look at all these youths

Some maybe a bit faster than others. But they all got there in the end.

sorry tom but its true

“It just depends on us really… It’s a matter of understanding who we are fighting for.”

As citizens of the European Union, it is not only our right, but our duty to vote during the MEP elections. Because the people we choose to represent us in the European Parliament will be making decisions that will not only affect us, but will affect the generations to come after us.

We asked the young’uns what issues mattered to them, and their answers where very poignant.

*tom saying traffic*

A valid point, but some of them dug a bit deeper than that. Discussing the importance of taking care of the environment, migration, equal rights, and “things that people are almost afraid to talk about sometimes.”

Megan, the youngest person we spoke with, made a very important point that;

“You need to pick MEP candidates that aren’t just going to say ‘ok this is a problem’, but find a solution for that problem.”

They all agreed that the choices we make now will affect our future and the future of those to come after us. This is why it is so important to use your vote.

Megan rightly pointed out that it is important to be educated, which is why the European Parliament Office in Malta prepared an informative manual with everything first-time voters need to know about the European elections in Malta.

well done megan

In all seriousness, everyone needs to get out and vote on the 25th of May

We’re being given the chance to choose our future and we can’t mess it up. So make sure you have all your documents in order, and know exactly where you need to be and when. And make sure your friends and family go out and vote too.

Choose your future!

Ever wondered how the EU effects your day-to-day life then check out What Europe Does For Me, a ground-breaking website demonstrating the EU’s positive impact on individual citizens.

kyra is shook

Tag a friend to remind them to vote

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