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WATCH: Meet Some Faces Behind The Helmets Of Malta’s In-Demand Green Motorbikes 

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You probably see them every day, darting around from A to B with a large green basket on the backseat of their motorcycle. Chances are you’ve used them a few times yourself to treat yourself to a meal during the pandemic.

Now Bolt Food has lifted the helmets off some of its food couriers, giving them a chance to explain to the public who they are and why they do what they do.

For example, Haneefa used to own a food truck in Sri Lanka but moved to Europe via Qatar following the infamous terrorist attacks. A man with a passion for the hospitality industry, he sees his current job as a starting point.

Some have life stories that many will probably find it easier to identify with, such as Juliana, who left her job at a Maltese casino in January 2020 with the intention of going on a hiatus.

However, her priorities changed after COVID-19 hit Malta and she became one of the first people to get infected. After speaking to her courier friend, she applied with Bolt Food because it’s better than staying at home, and almost a year later she’s still serving food to the hungry people of Malta.

Of course, life as a courier isn’t all roses, and the drivers recounted some of the moments that most aggrieved them – from traffic woes and scooter problems to people complaining about their driving to ending up at the wrong location.

Bolt Food recently revised its employment policy to address gaps in its work practices, but its main draw remains the fact that people can earn an income on their own terms.

All drivers interviewed cherish the flexibility the job entails, the fact you can choose your own working and break hours and essentially be your own boss.

“I chose the lifestyle because it gives me a lot of freedom, I choose my own timing,” Adam explains.

“I would recommend being self-employed to other people, because it’s freedom, and I believe a lot in freedom,” Karl adds.

And Zoltan, who is a co-partner and manages a fleet with Bolt Food, would take the courier life over the office life any day of the week.

“This job is only about freedom. You can do it whenever you want. You can enjoy the sunshine, you can stop wherever you want. There is a lot of flexibility on this experience, which is fascinating.”

Food delivery has never been so popular in Malta, and will probably remain so even after the pandemic, but we can’t forget that it’s the people behind the wheel who keep everything ticking.

And Bolt Food’s latest video is a worthy shoutout to the men and women in green who have made everyone’s lives much easier.

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