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WATCH: Plan, Book, And Pay For Your Ride In Malta With This Journey Mapping App

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Making your way around the island just got a whole lot easier thanks to this journey mapping app. Meep gathers all of the islands major transport providers in one easy place, helping you plan your way around the island stress-free.

From bicycles and buses, to taxis and ferries, they’ve got it all.

Insert your current location and destination, and the Meep app will suggest any and all available modes of transport to get you there

Once you pick your preferred mode of transport, the app will plan out a route for you and you can pick the one that best suits your needs. Meep will also take into consideration any traffic along your route, which is constantly being updated with real-time data.

So you’ll always know roughly how long it will take you to get to where you need to be.

You can pick from a whole array of transport operators

The Meep app services all forms of transportation such as bikes, scooters, buses, ferries and taxis. You can book and pay for your ride via the app, so you can just hop on your ride and whizz through the streets of Malta hassle-free.

Here’s an example of just a few of the services you can use via Meep:

1. GoTo car sharing

GoTo is a car sharing platform that makes use of electric cars on a one-way or round trip level. With designated parking and charging points all over the island, you won’t have to worry about looking for parking ever again.

2. Tallinja Bike and Nextbike

Glide across the island in style, and sneak in a quick workout too. Alone or with friends, cycling is a super fun way to get from place to place.

3. TD Plus

This service will soon make it’s way to the Meep app, but it’s basically a chauffeur bus service  that allows you to reserve a seat on a mini-bus and will take you to your destination via the fastest route possible.

4. Ioscoot

Just like the cars and bicycles, these electric motorbikes are stationed between St. Julian’s and Valletta and  areready for you to use. They’re better for the environment and a great way to beat the traffic!


The app will plan out your route, suggest which bus to catch, let you know how long your journey will take you and so on.

Meep also provides a range of in-app discounts 

If you register your Tallinja Card or the new ‘ExploreMeepPlus’ card on the app, you can benefit from discounts on services and even free bus rides on Tallinja.

Say goodbye to the hassle of driving through traffic and looking for parking and let Meep do all the work for you.

Well, almost all the work.

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