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WATCH: We Dare You To Watch This Maltese Christmas Ad Without Crying

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There truly hasn’t been a year like 2020. With Christmas just around the corner, it’s never been as important to keep the festive spirit alive. 

Malta International Airport took it upon themselves to embody this, with a profoundly relatable and tear-jerking Christmas video, guaranteed to hit everyone from the seasoned nomad to the occasional traveller right in the feels.

The heartwarming ad is told from the point of view of a little red luggage who narrates the ordeal in the form of a poem, not far from a Christmas carol.

Just as his family packs up to head on vacation, the COVID-19 pandemic hits the island and all commercial flights are cancelled. They unpack their bags and plant themselves in front of their TV to watch Superintendent of Public Health Charmaine Gauci divulge her daily medical bulletin (something we all did in the year)

The family, like the rest of us, deal with challenging and worrying times in new creative ways, with the stress of working from home, pay cuts, and divergence from our everyday lives becoming a distant memory.

Rather than crumble under the weight of the pandemic, the family comes together, finding joy in every little moment, warming the heart of the disappointed luggage.

Suddenly it’s December, and with Christmas approaching, lights are hung up across the home and presents are eagerly wrapped. Smiles break out from ear to ear and the family become the shining example of how we can appreciate the precious time we have together.

Who else can relate to the airport’s heart-warming story? We sure can.

If you’ve missed travelling as much as we (and the talking luggage!) have this year, here’s our advice: watch the airport’s Christmas video, dust off your luggage and start planning your next trip for 2021.

Malta International Airport is ready to welcome you back to a world of adventure, whenever you’re ready to return.

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