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WATCH: This Is One Of Malta’s Most Impressive Dream Offices… And It Could Be Your Next Workplace!

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Malta is seriously upping its office game, so Lovin Malta has teamed up with Egg Recruitment to start a new series, showing you around some of the ultimate places to work at all around the island.

Beyond giving you a sneak peek inside some of Malta’s most insane work places, and making you feel stunned (and a little jealous), we’ve teamed up with the people who will make working in the most awesome offices across the island a reality!

Dream Offices is just that; a four-episode video special to showcase a group of offices that are a testament to the best kind of working life in Malta. We’ll be showing you places that nurture an insane work culture with a warm office environment that welcomes employees, visitors and clients alike.

And we’re kicking things off in style with Catena Media’s offices. Spoiler alert: impressive views, fully-equipped gym, and an in-house chefs do feature!

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It’s actually Egg Recruitment that is powering the whole series!

Look, we understand.

Finding the ideal job is easier said than done, and there’s a long list of variables that have to be met. But if anything, that’s just all the more reason for you to trust someone who’s in business of finding the right job for the right person, every single time.

Egg Recruitment is the firm getting you closer to your dream office.

Egg’s entire aim is to enrich businesses with the best-in-class talent and support job seekers in their quest for a fulfilling and rewarding career.

What that means is Egg will not only help you find that perfect job you’ve been looking for, but also help you if you’re a business looking for that ideal candidate. They’re committed to reaching out within 24 hours, so if you’re looking for a job or looking for talent, hit them up. After all, they excel in dream offices!

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Tag a friend who’s trying to find their dream workspace!

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