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WATCH: This Time I’m Voting In The MEP Elections, And Here’s Why You Should Too

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A ballot box is more than just a ‘box’. It has the power to change the world.

Inside it are thousands of slips of power, each one affecting what the future will look like. Will the next five years be about cleaner seas? Or will we prioritise the integration of migrants? Your slip of paper has the power to decide this.

On May 25th 2019, Malta will join the rest of the European Union as part of a three-day, continent-wide election to determine the new MEPs.

Put quite simply, these are the elections that decide who will represent Malta in the European Parliament.

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What does Malta get from the EU?

Malta holds six seats in parliament, and although it’s the least amount of seats held by any country in the EU (we are puny, after all), we have the highest number of parliamentarians per population in all of Europe. So the people we send to Brussels have real power in representing us as a country.

91% of Maltese people believe that the EU has benefited Malta in some way, but during the last elections, almost 4o% of under 24s did not vote. We can turn these figures around this May.

Eu Parliament
The European Parliament in Brussels

What does the EU do?

The whole purpose of the EU is to improve the life of its citizens. The projects it funds are welfare-conscious, and its policies are aimed at the protection of its people over and above the protection of the interests of individual member states.

The EU is very strict on legislating for a better environment, infrastructure, and cleaner seas. And these are issues that matter a lot to people signing up on www.thistimeimvoting.eu, or on our Maltese language part of this EU-wide campaign www.diddarbasenivvota.eu.

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So what can I do?

The best thing you can do is sign up to TTIV (This Time I’m Voting). You can use it as your platform to become more informed on what the EU is all about.

Reach out to your friends, people on social media, colleagues and get them to signup too.


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Although we’re a little far away from Brussels, literally any policy that is decided there by our representatives – in Parliament and Council – will affect our lives; the way we travel, opportunities at university and at work, and our ability to communicate with people outside of Malta.

This is how we get to effectively deal with our major issues, like disregard for the environment, polluting our seas and beaches, and weak road infrastructure. The EU is willing to help us sort things out.

The future of the EU depends on us, so tag a friend who you think should vote on 25 May 2019!

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