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WATCH: We All Smile In The Same Language, Here’s How One Company In Malta Is Celebrating Mother Tongue Day

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It’s International Mother Tongue Day, which means a lot more in Malta than it does in most places.

Malta has become home to an incredible mix of nationalities that call this island home. Whether you’re from Buġibba or Belgrade, the island has become a melting pot of all nationalities who bring their own unique wonderful traditions and culture to the island.

While there are many things that differentiate us from one another, at the end of the day we all speak one language…

Betclic Group’s workforce is made up of people from over 19 nationalities so International Mother Tongue Day is a particularly important celebration for the iGaming company.

Betclic Group celebrated the day with a heartwarming video of their employees repeating the phrase ‘we all smile in the same language’ in their own respective mother tongue… and it’s the most wholesome thing ever.

In addition to embracing other cultures, the Betclic Group family also embraces Malta’s. The video was shot at some iconic spots around the island and ended up with a necessary-stop at a pastizzeria for some warm cup of tea and a ricotta pastizzi or two.

Betclic Group understands the importance and benefits of a multicultural workforce and there’s no better day to celebrate its diverse family than International Mother Tongue Day!

If you’re looking to join an international team in Malta then Betclic Group is for you.

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