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WATCH: Welcome To The Jungle! Check Out One Of Malta’s Most Insane Dream Offices

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Over the past few months, we’ve been teaming up with Egg Recruitment for a video series called Dream Offices; checking out some of the most insane workplaces in Malta.

From pool tables to coffee bars and everything in between, we’ve seen it all. And the office we stopped by for our final episode is no different.

The LeoVegas offices span four floors of greatness and act as a second home to employees

Or ‘Lions’, as they call themselves. Situated in the heart of Sliema over at The Plaza, the i-Gaming company’s offices boast a fully-stocked kitchen, and a healthy fridge for those who are looking to control their snacking. Free breakfast is served every Monday to get the week off to a good start, and every Friday they serve a free lunch.

Two of the main meeting rooms are dedicated to Bruno and Omar; the two lions from South Africa that LeoVegas has adopted. They’ve also got a meeting room that’s got a 360 degree view of Valletta and the Grand Harbour.

LeoVegas employees are encouraged to keep up an active lifestyle

So they’re given a sports allowance that they can use to sign up for training classes, as well as offered company-wide fitness classes.  They’re also provided with fully-paid private health insurance, to make sure they can keep up to date with all their regular checks.

The break room and coffee bar allow employees to make the most of their well-earned breaks

Either by relaxing over a hot cup of joe or a soothing tea, chatting with a colleague, or letting off some steam with a game of table tennis. And of course, they have loads of team activities planned to help lift spirits and form some solid workplace friendships.

LeoVegas has offices all over Europe, with over 900 employees internationally.  The Malta branch of the company is growing rapidly, with hundreds of employees considering the office their second home. The culture at LeoVegas encourages employees to try new things and challenge their limits.

So if you’re looking for a job in the i-Gaming sector, from sales to digital to design, you should definitely check out LeoVegas.

Egg Recruitment has made it their mission to personalise the recruitment game

And they do their best to pair the candidates with the roles most ideal for them, which works in favour of both the candidate and the company. Launched in 2017, they wanted to bring a new dimension into the recruitment industry – the importance of cultural fit.

By immersing themselves in different workplaces and learning about company cultures, they guarantee a workplace match like no other.

Databases, processes and KPIs were dominating a space where passion, empathy and personality could have been given more importance

An ‘egg’, much like a seed, is a powerful symbol of the potential of life. Egg Recruitment is driven to help people realise their potential, and to help businesses build great teams by unearthing that potential in strong environments.

It’s also an eggcellent excuse for some cracking puns.

Egg Recruitment strives to be a personable, professional and honest recruitment agency which adopts a human-centred approach to the workplace

After learning what the company is all about, they make use of several networks and channels to reach thousands of candidates in Malta and Gozo. They then conduct multiple in-depth interviews until they find the right individuals that match the company’s requirements.

This results in a match that works perfectly for someone looking for a job, and a company looking to hire.

Are you looking to fill out a vacancy? Check out Egg Recruitment now

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