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WATCH: What’s It Like To Make It In Manufacturing In Malta?

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When you were young, what would you say you wanted to be when you grow up? Apart from the usual teacher/doctor/ballerina answers, it’s unlikely that working in a factory was on the top of your list.

Getting a job in manufacturing is extremely rewarding and very exciting, and allows for great career progression over the years. Jobs in manufacturing range from entry-level jobs such as drivers and assembly workers to higher level roles in quality control and process development.

Meet three locals currently making it in manufacturing here in Malta

1. Bernard Pisani

After graduating with a Bsc in Chemistry and Biology and an Msc in Petroleum Studies, Bernard got a job working in the pharmaceutical industry at Medichem.

His first job was working as a quality control analyst, and he was eventually promoted to a Process Development Specialist. Bernard’s favourite thing about working in manufacturing is being able to express all the scientific processes he covered at university, as well as the ability to continue learning throughout his career.

Bernard – Medichem

Introducing Bernard ?‍?Bernard is in R&D at Medichem. He values his career because he gets to apply the knowledge gained in his academic studies, to his every day life. Can you guess what EXTREME sports he enjoys doing in his free time? Watch to find out ?#MakeIt #Careers #Jobs #Future #Manufacturing

Posted by Make It on Thursday, May 9, 2019

2. Ivana Cattafi

Ivana is a Site Environmental Champion at STMicroelectronics here in Malta.

Her job includes taking care of how the company’s operations impact the environment, and she helps to lead the company in an environmentally responsible direction. Throughout her career, Ivana has had multiple roles including a Water Engineer and a Chemical Analyst. When she’s not at work, Ivana enjoys exploring photography and learning Maltese.

Ivana – ST Microelectronics Malta

Ivana is not only a Champion ? of the Environment at Microelectronics Malta – She also finds time to fulfill her hobbies, which include photography?… and learning Maltese??! Watch her full story here. #MakeIt #Careers #Jobs #Future #Manufacturing

Posted by Make It on Thursday, May 9, 2019

3. Jonathan Darmanin

Jonathan has been working at Raesch Quartz for 21 years, where they create light bulbs and components using coarse glass.

When he first started working with Raesch Quartz, he was put in the glass cutting department. After that, he moved to Germany where he studied glass blowing and was eventually given the role of Development and Automation Specialist here in Malta. Thanks to the way Jonathan’s shifts are scheduled, he has time to spend with his daughter after school as well as keep fit while training for downhill cycling.

Make It – Jonathan Darmanin – Raesch Quarz

Manufacturing has helped us shape the world as we know it. Learn how you can shape your future by choosing a career in manufacturing.In our first video we meet Jonathan who works at Raesch Quarz. Jonathan tell us his story about his career in manufacturing and how he would not change it for anything else!#MakeIt #Careers #Jobs #Future #Manufacturing

Posted by Make It on Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Work in manufacturing is extremely diverse

Jobs are available in all sectors, from sciences to the arts, to admin and innovation.

Depending on the level of the role you are applying for, the necessary qualifications you need to qualify vary. Certain entry-level jobs only require you to have a school leaving certificate and a driver’s license. Others require a MQF level 5 educational certificates and even more specialised roles require a Masters degree.

Make It is an initiative of the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise & Industry, supported by the Malta Enterprise.

The objective is to encourage people to pursue careers in the manufacturing sector. Keep up with loads of people working in manufacturing here in Malta by liking the Make It Facebook page and checking out their videos.

Have a look at the courses offered by the University of Malta here, or get in touch with the career advisers at MCAST who will guide you to choose your ideal career path in manufacturing here.

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