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WATCH: Washing Your Car With A Hose Like A Trigger-Happy Sprinkler? Here’s How You’re Wasting SOO Much Water

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Few things are as satisfying as a freshly cleaned car. It’s a feat we all aim for and it seems only natural to reach for the hose.

But when it comes to giving your four-wheeled friend a much-needed wash, who knew we were all wasting soo much water?

Shooting out water like trigger happy Atlanteans might seem like the perfect way to get that summertime shine, but you only need about three buckets of water and a sponge to get your car weekend ready.

Chucky appeared to let Taryn know just how much you could be wasting!

A hose can use up to 30 buckets of water for one wash. That’s around 300 litres…can you imagine what that could look like over a year.

You only need three small buckets of water to wash your whole car. Here’s how:

With your first bucket, use a sponge or soft cloth and simply give your car a rinse to loosen any dirt or grime. If you’ve got any leftover, just use it to rinse the car off.

To the second bucket, add a small amount of car shampoo. Start off with the windows when the sponge and water are the cleanest before moving onto the rest of the car.

Start from the roof and work your way section by section. Use the remaining water to continuing rinsing off any soapy suds off your car.

Use the third and final bucket to give your car that last rinse. And if you’re really into it, add some polish and wax to give that expert finish!

You could be saving tonnes of water right when we need it most! And forget the COVID-19 pandemic, Malta’s also been facing water scarcity for a far longer time.

As an island, one of the biggest challenges we face is a massive lack of natural freshwater.

We’ve got the lowest natural freshwater per capita in the entire European Union, and with Malta’s population only growing, and tourists undoubtedly set to return in their droves eventually, the pressure on our water resources is only getting bigger.

Water – Be The Change is yet again looking to highlight the important role by which everyone has in order to conserve water. 

Check out their website for tips on how to save water in all aspects of your life,  from your home to your workplace. They also give tips for water conservation in agriculture.

So unless you want Chucky creeping up on while you’re giving your dearly beloved car a wash, only to bug you incessantly on the water you’re wasting, put down the hose and bring out a bucket.

Besides, spending time on your car and taking a moment to focus on a simple but rewarding task can be the perfect mediative exercise during these uncertain times.

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