Water Conservation Can Be Fun, And Here's Where You Can Learn All About It In Malta

Calling all eco-warriors, students and teachers

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Water shortage is a bit of a problem here on our island. True, we’re surrounded by the sea, but there's actually very little natural fresh water anywhere across Malta and Gozo. Most of us aren’t aware of how we can preserve water, and the work involved to produce the drinkable water which we find regularly in our taps.

Well, you don’t have to worry as much now, because a new initiative called Għajn is explaining how you can do your part in saving Malta’s water!

1. They provide useful information

The water conservation centre in Rabat, Għajn is aimed at educating people of all ages on what they can do to make better use of water on our islands. It provides information and an array of activities including ways on how to reduce our overall water consumption, day-to-day.


2. School outings come part-and-parcel

Schools and teachers can benefit from classes at Għajn's centre, meaning that educators can check off a new outing for the coming scholastic year. As part of the Educational Measures under a LIFE Integrated Project, schools can also benefit from free transport to the centre!

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3. Their programmes target all ages

If you're six-years-old and up congratulations - there's something at Għajn for you. Educational programmes such as the Hydrated Knight, the Water Cycle and the Water Hero target primary school students, while the Water Manager programme on the other hand targets 11- to 13-year-old students. These programmes are also very useful for those students who have chosen environmental studies.

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4. They've got international backing

Għajn has teamed up with the Mediterranean Information Office for Environment, Culture and Sustainable Development (MIO-ECSDE) to further strengthen their educational programmes. With their help, Għajn has developed interactive games, an educational resource pack and many other innovative ways to enhance the students’ learning experience when visiting the centre.

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5. The best kind of experience is an interactive one

The centre stresses awareness on water conservation in an interactive manner. Students get to learn about the water cycle, water management and the importance of water conservation in a fun environment.

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6. They’re open all week

Għajn is open every day from 9am till 4pm during the week and the entrance to the centre is free of charge, however a pre-booking is recommended by emailing [email protected] As of October, Għajn will be providing small group visits for adults at the centre.

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