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We Asked You To Show Us Malta’s Worst Parking Offences, And Boy Did You Deliver

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Illegal parking and Malta go together like a pair of double yellow lines and a fine. So when we asked you to show us the worst parking contraventions out there, we knew we were asking for an inbox flooding.

Just as a quick reminder, Lovin Malta and Malta Public Transport have teamed up for the Parking Hall of Shame to raise awareness on this island’s seemingly innate problem with following basic traffic directions. In fact, we specifically asked for number plates to be blurred, as this is less of a witch hunt and more a way to get people to realise what should and shouldn’t go down in Malta’s busy streets.

We decided to particularly focus on photos taken in roads which have bus routes passing through them, since those tend to lead to even bigger inconveniences.

Choosing only one photo was tough, but we finally managed to narrow it down to this amazing(ly worrying) snap.

Congratulations Erica, you’ve won a brand new GoPro camera!

Untitled Design 6

Because it was so difficult to narrow all the entries down, we’ve decided to also share with you some of the most surprising, hilarious or downright dangerous snaps we were sent in.

Here are the 10 honorary mentions which also deserve a place in Malta’s Parking Hall of Shame.

1. Can you spot how many cars are blocking this bus stop?

You can’t even see them all, but the person who submitted this photo said six vehicles were making it difficult for buses to stop in the Ta’ Ġiorni area. Even with such a wide road like this, getting on a bus is still going to be a hassle.


Photo by Stuart

2. OK, so this one actually needs some explaining

See those two cars parked by the side of the road on the left? They’re not meant to be there.

See that towering red truck in the middle of the wrong lane, with no one in the driver seat? That’s definitely not meant to be there.


Photo by Cynthia

3. And on that fateful day, no fucks were given

Don’t worry; it wasn’t an emergency.

We’ve just been told that the guy just really had to go down to buy some food.


Photo by Haydn

4. Peekaboo

One, two… aaand you’re in the middle of the main road. Good luck!

Oh and, bus stop? Forget about that.


Photo by Joseph

5. Anyone fancy some heavy vehicle slalom?

This photo almost looks like a strategically planned-out trap devised for a horror film.

“Hello driver, I want to play a game.”


Photo by Ema

6. Do you know what that red thing in the middle of the road is?

Hint: It’s not a VIP parking for your sports car.


Photo by Katrin

7. “Zebra crossing? Not on my watch”

Who needs to safely cross the road anyway?


Photo by Daria

8. “Nor mine”

No but seriously, pedestrians??


Photo by Norman

9. Why simply block a zebra crossing, when you can do that and make life harder for a busful of people?

“My van is quite large. That alone should justify me stopping at a bus stop.”
Linda mpt 2
Linda mpt1

Photos by Linda

10. Oh the irony…

Again, we’re going to have to break this one down:

That’s an entire pavement blocked on a main road.

That’s a yellow line by the pavement there.

That’s a bank’s Keep Clear painted on the road there.

Oh, and that’s a local warden car.

Michele mpt

Photo by Michele

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