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WATCH: 6 Things You Need To Know About Welbee’s New Loyalty App

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Not too long ago, Park Towers, Valyou, Trolee’s and Tower joined forces to create one big happy family, the Welbee’s family. This new era for them means that new and exciting things are happening!

Long gone are the days when you needed to keep millions of loyalty cards in your purse. One app can rule them all so let’s have a look at the seven things you absolutely need to know about Welbee’s brand new loyalty app!

1. There’s no loyalty card hassle 

Apart from now needing one loyalty account, the Welbee’s app (available on both Android and Apple) also means that you can now just take out your phone and scan the QR code to collect your points. Say goodbye to that awkward moment of searching frantically through your purse for your loyalty card.

The Welbee’s app is still functional even without an active internet connection. The points scanned will then be added to your total balance once you are online again. 

A physical supplementary card is available on request and previous GS loyalty card holders can include their old barcode to transfer points onto the app. Whip out your phone and you’re good to go!

2. You can tap into massive in-store offers

Every euro spent at Welbee’s will translate into 1 point. Thanks to their brand new app, you have the option to get rewarded when you shop. When spending €50 you have the option to receive a €3 cashback or 400 bonus points. Spending over €100 means you get to pick your prize from €7 cashback, 1,000 bonus points, 3 packets of water, or 5 bottles of soft drinks. 

3. See how many points you have at all times

So we all know that the points system isn’t new but, Welbee’s has changed the game. They are one of the few supermarket chains which allow you to view how many points you have at all times! Just open up the app and you’ll be met with exactly how many points you have accumulated. You can also stay up to date with all cashback and rewards you have. 

4. You can treat yourself in many different ways

Treating yourself to a new pair of boots or experimenting with some new skincare just got a whole lot easier. Go about your Saturday shopping as usual, and treat yourself with anything from clothing to petrol thanks to Welbee’s. 

5. You are eligible for the Double Cashback Christmas offer

To celebrate Welbee’s first-ever holiday season, they have come up with an amazing festive bargain just for loyalty app holders. This season, when spending €50 you’ll be getting €6 cashback, and an incredible €14 cashback when spending €100.

6. It’s possible to donate your points

Is there anything better than giving back? Welbee’s know how important it is for us to stick together and help one another when times are tough. That’s why they have made it possible for you to do good with your points and donate them to charity. From helping feed some dogs to giving someone mental health support – your points can go a long way. At the end of every year, Welbee’s will convert your donated points into cash, which will then be given to the charities. 

These mind-blowing perks are just the tip of the iceberg as Welbee’s are constantly rolling out new ways you can benefit by being a loyal customer. From staycations to Airmalta vouchers, these will all be at your fingertips soon enough. 

Making your shopping a million times easier, on top of the seven perks mentioned above, you also get cashback every month and notifications about any special coupons. 

You can check out the full details of the loyalty club right here.

With so many things you can do with the points accumulated, who wouldn’t want to shop at Welbee’s? If you already have an account with the previous supermarkets, you just need to fill in your details and your points will be carried over.

Serving you discounts all year round and a special festive video, let’s take a look at how Welbee’s are celebrating their first-ever Christmas as one big happy family! 

Cashback, points, discounts, free petrol and so much more are just waiting for you when you download Welbee’s loyalty app. Become a part of the savings club and start earning your treats. Signing up is absolutely free, so what are you waiting for? 

Download the App today!

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