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We’re Back On The #LovinBavariaTour And You’ve Got A Chance To Come Drink With Us

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Are your days starting to drag in the summer heat? Tired of having to listen to the creak of your fan as your only entertainment? Maybe you need a night out. You know, a few pints with your mates to settle the stress of a hectic day. Maybe you’ve totally aced it at the office and just want to pop out to celebrate.

Whatever your reason to crack open a cold one, why not crack one with us.

Bavaria has been a staple beer in the fridges of many since time immemorial, largely thanks to the fact it ticks every box. It’s a quality beer at a great price. 

If you’ve never turned up at a BBQ without a crate of blue cans, you’re lying.

But while you wait for the weekend, how can you satiate your hunger for hops? Bavaria has just one-upped their competition by introducing Bavaria Premium: their legendary classically-brewed beer in 33cl bottles – recyclable, too.


We’ve been touring the island far and wide in hopes of finding the hottest spots to hit for a beer.

Bavaria Premium is being rolled out island-wide in collaboration with some amazing drinking spots. We hit up it-Torri in Sliema a few weeks back to find out what all the fuss is about and were greeted by Kevin Paul Calleja on guitar, serenading us to our seats and setting a mood that could only be made better with beer. 

Our second night saw us catch up with friends and colleagues at Star Café in Valletta’s Is-Suq tal-Belt over bucketloads of Bavaria.

Great food, great friends, great beer – what else could you ask for? Andre Portelli took to the mic this time and had the buzz building throughout the evening.


We took to Gzira strip icon, Black Gold, for night 3.

One of Gzira’s most well-known watering holes, Black Gold, hosted our third night and let’s just say we were the coolest kids on the block that night.

And if you think otherwise, you obviously don’t know how to have fun. Move along, hipsters, Team Lovin is coming to bring the house down!

Bavaria recently celebrated their 300th birthday and the tour is one of many promotions running that are bound to ensure their bottles become an essential part of your summer antics.

Salt & Pepper in St. Julian’s hosted our fourth night on the lash. 

Kevin Paul was back in action and brought with him all of the best singalong hits.

Side note: the next time you’re at an event with Kevin performing you need to ask him to bring out Shaggy. He absolutely nails ‘Angel’ – accent and all.

Just look at all the fun we had:

We kept it quiet last week and had a lock-in at the office.

By quiet, we mean we had the best hits of the 90’s blasting through our building and did we care about the neighbours? No, because it was Friday night and who doesn’t love the Spice Girls? 

We also had a few workaversaries to celebrate so it was the perfect night to knock back a few of the good’uns with friends.

Truly, the ultimate excuse to not leave the office early on a Friday. What do you think?

We need your help next week.

We’ll be heading back to it-Torri in Sliema – where the journey first began – and we want to see you there.


Yes. You. 

We’ve enjoyed our time on tour so much that we’re opening our invite to anyone and everyone. If you’re looking for a way to wind down in the mid-week haze or just fancy a change of scene, you’ll find us there. For the final edition of the tour we’ll be stopping by The Compass Lounge in Sliema on Wednesday 31st July at 8pm, with the lovely Kevin Paul Calleja serenading us all night.

There’s going to be special offers on Bavaria Premium 33cl bottles and even if beer isn’t your drink of choice, let your connoisseur buddies know about the event and bring them down for an evening full of good vibes, great beer and a night out with Team Lovin (aka the real-deal cool kids).

PS: for anyone complaining about the bottles only holding 33cl (roughly 330ml, that’s just over half a pint), we have a solution.


Will we be seeing you there? Check out the event again if you missed it before. 

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