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We’re Giving Away A Dinner For Two At This St. Paul’s Bay Restaurant Featuring A Culinary Dream Team

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La Buona Trattoria del Nonno is where hearty food and great experiences meet, nestled in the shadow of an old St. Paul’s Bay palazzo. And to show their love for all things delicious, this family-run restaurant is offering you a free meal for two!

Here’s why you need to try your hand out in this competition.


1. Hospitality is the name of the game

La Buona Trattoria del Nonno’s staff pride themselves on their hospitality skills. With a team of highly-trained chefs and a strong family story behind the restaurant, expect a one-of-a-kind experience all throughout your meal.

2. Their dishes promise to rival fan favourites

With a varied menu to suit everyone’s liking, the Trattoria boasts everything from premium cuts of beef, fresh fish and salads, to mouthwatering pasta dishes, inhouse wood oven-baked pizzas.

And while their dishes will certainly pack a punch, it never hurts to try an old favourite, with classics like the 1.2 kg Pacheco beef rib-eye on the bone, wood oven-baked suckling pig, and spaghetti allo scoglio. The restaurant’s signature dish, Lara’s Wood Oven Spare Ribs, promises fall-off-the-bone tenderness with sweet rich flavours that will have you begging your waiters for more in no time.

Lara S Woof Oven Spare Ribs

3. They have experience working with Michelin Star chefs

The newly-appointed front of house team is led by Joao Martins, a previous Manager at one of London Tower Bridge’s most-recognisable French restaurant, together with the brothers Jake & Kane Palmier. Kane and Joao met when they were studying Hospitality and Business Management in Victoria, London; together the pair were led by a French Michelin Star chef together with World Class Front of House Managers before moving on to the Trattoria.

As the restaurant grows, more former London colleagues have moved to the Trattoria, keeping the dynamic team all in the family.

Screen Shot 2018 10 05 At 15 04 05

4. Come for the food, stay for the cocktails

Forget your basic cocktails – La Buona Trattoria del Nonno is reinventing your Sunday drinks afternoon. Joao Martins has turned the Mojito upside-down in Nonno’s take on the classic drink, featuring homemade limoncello, fresh mint, gin and lemonade.

A new drinks menu will also be launching shortly, with exotic cocktails, espresso martinis and (if you’re a fan of a good old spritz) don’t miss out on their Spritzy Sundayz.

Screen Shot 2018 10 03 At 18 04 56

5. The family treatment is everything

La Buona Trattoria del Nonno is a family-run restaurant with over 50 years’ worth of experience and something of a household name when it comes to catering establishments in Malta.


‘Il Nonno’, Mr Ben Muscat, kicked off the business, growing a small one-room Trattoria into a fully-fledged steakhouse, garden diner, BBQ charcoal grill experience, and a fully stocked bar, leaving grandchildren Jake and Kane to carry on the legacy.

Kane Palmier  Jake Palmier

6. Whatever your dinner, party or function plans, they’ve got you covered

Proudly sporting TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence awards, as well as Definitive(ly) Good Guide to Restaurants mentions with a coveted spot among the top-40 restaurants across Malta and Gozo, La Buona Trattoria’s multi-functionality is everything.

From its quiet main room, to its sprawling gardens, the restaurant can cater to groups ranging from 20 to 400+ people in their gardens; simply send your enquiry to [email protected] or contact them on their Facebook page.

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Ready to dig in? Tag a lunch buddy or your special someone and you could be in the running to win a free meal for two!

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