What Maltese Celebs Would Look Like If They Were Ice Creams


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Whether you love your local celebs, or are a huge fan of ice cream, you're about to have your mind blown. Teaming up with the wonderful people at Ke Gusto and their incredible self-service ice cream station, we've crafted a few beloved celebs in everyone's favourite heat-busting dessert. 

1. Ira Losco

What makes Ira stand out from the crowd? A little bit of something special in everything she does. So the first obvious choice was to recreate her 2016 Eurovision dress in the stand-out black ice cream (available exclusively in Malta at Ke Gusto) with a squirt of red sauce for that cheeky thigh she flashed.

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And then, just when you think you're done? Blow a little glitter (or coconut) onto it all.

2. Peppi Azzopardi

Peppi's was a simple choice - a waffle base (because lord knows he loves to waffle) and a quick splash of... everything. Just make sure you put the sauce and toppings before the ice cream, because nothing says Peppi like getting the order of everything mixed up.

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3. Fabrizio Faniello

Fabrizio has two defining features, his Eurovision performances, and his eyebrows (at least back in 2001 anyway). So the best way to recreate him is with a little bit of both of those.

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Who can forget the epic jump-through-paper start of his 2006 I Do performance. 

4. Oz and Jay

These two definitely live by the mantra that bigger is most certainly better - so for this pair we chose to use a brioche base for maximum surface area. We then added a little bit of everything delicious to the mix and ended the whole thing with two adorable MnMs representing the beloved XFM DJs (one slightly taller than the other, of course).

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5. Angie Laus

Nothing personifies a rainbow quite like Ħadd Għalik's presenter, Angie Laus. Every week people are more excited about her hair colour than the guests on her show. So her tasty avatar was dressed in all the brightest sauces. 

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We also put a small cup upside down inside a larger one to prop her up a little, because everyone knows she loves a good heel.

6. Ben Camille

For Ben we chose a nice vanilla ice cream, nothing too adventurous but still a fan-favourite. We then decorated the whole thing with warm chocolate sauce, because we know a few people who melt in his presence.

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Bonus: Chucky

Chocolate shavings for curls and a peach sauce for the ginger beard. The ice cream chosen was gluten-free because I have recently been told I'm gluten intolerant, but the base was a massive ice-cream-cone cup, because I still haven't mastered making responsible choices yet.

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Chucky Bartolo

If there's no Mariah Carey GIF or reference to Eurovision in this article, just assume they've been edited out against my will.