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Who Will Win X Factor Malta? Challenge Your Friends And Back Your Favourites On This Sleek New Website

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You’ve tuned in every Sunday night since last October, you’ve seen countless artists drop out at different stages, and now, only the most promising and talented ones remain. But who will win X Factor Malta?

Well, now’s the time to bet on your favourites along with your friends… all on a newly unveiled website that’s as sleek as your chances.

Yobetit have just launched their new website, and it’s a one-stop shop for all your gaming needs

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So what’s new?

Well, everything from the ground up really.

Yobetit’s new website is bound to become your new hub for online gaming, so get ready to have this beauty tabbed on the daily.

1. First things first: look at that new design!

Vibrant, fun and user-friendly, Yobetit’s new website caters to all aesthetically. And yes; Skeeve, Lilly and Peppa the Jack Russel mascots, still prominently feature!

Screenshot 2019 01 15 At 16 44 10

There are good dogs, then there are top dogs

2. It’s faster and more efficient

Navigating through the website has just gotten easier and faster.

Not only does Yobetit have a large selection of markets to bet on, but there’s now seamless navigation through the website with virtually no loading times. Oh, and it’s all on one page, so say goodbye to redirections.

What does this all mean? Well, the entire betting process has just gotten easy AF.

Screenshot 2019 01 16 At 17 27 10

3. Changed your mind? Instantly cash out

If you’re not too sure about a recent bet, you have the option to instantly cash out.

Just make your way to the Pending Bets section by loading the Player Menu drawer, and easily cash out on your bet wherever you are. Again, with zero redirections.

4. Life is mobile, and this site knows it well

Optimised for the on-the-go gamer (read: pretty much everyone in 2019), Yobetit’s new and improved website is as easy to use as it is fast.

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