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Who’s Watching What? This Maltese Research Company Will Help You Launch Your 2019 Marketing Campaigns

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What’s the most popular TV show in Malta? Do people still read magazines? How can you capture the attention of a large group of people at one go?

Well, the answer to the third question could be to run out into Republic Street screaming ‘bloody murder’ at the top of your voice. But perhaps a more affective way would be to launch a media-based campaign that attracts the right people.

Ah, but how do you attract the right people?

Esprimi have all the answers you need to all the questions you could ask

They’re a research company here in Malta who specialise in market, employee and media research solutions. They’ve just conducted a Malta-wide survey that looked into our media habits; where we get our information from and how we consume it.

This is really useful information for local companies, because it can help you direct your campaign and utilise the best possible media platform based on who your target audience is.

Media Insights is an independent study, free from any bias, which ensures an honest and realistic picture of the media industry. It is ideal for all companies which venture into advertising campaigns particularly advertising agencies and media companies. The research was carried out by means of two national studies.

The Media Insights research is broken down into four main areas;

TV, radio, newspaper and print, and online. It also looks at what content people are most likely to engage with.


The content of the research is extremely detailed

It asks the basic questions such as if people watch TV and what stations are the most popular, or how much time certain demographics spend online. But it also breaks things down into very specific time slots and age groups, gives an overall look at each section as well as divides each one by gender and age.

Chart 3

It also asks some more alternate questions, like how many people use Spotify and how many people pay for a Premium account. And each question asked is split into three sections; overall, by age, and by gender.

Chart 4

The Media Insights report will give you the lowdown on the most popular TV and radio stations, when most people engage with them, and what their favourite content looks like.

And you can purchase it all here. You can get your hands on the entire collection of data for €1,200 per report. Alternatively you can purchase the data for just one specific report if you feel like you want to focus on just that one area.

Screen Shot 2019 05 15 At 16 47 38

This data will help you create the most affective campaign for 2019, and reach the right audience for you.

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