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WIN: 7 Things We Want Dara O’Briain To Mock During His Show In Malta

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Legendary Irish comedian Dara O’ Briain is making his way to our little island for his stand-up performance Voice of Reason this month. The well-loved comedian rose to popularity with his TV panel show Mock The Week, and has gradually become one of the most popular faces in the funny business.

In honour of his arrival on the island, here are seven things we think deserve a good old Dara mocking.

1. Our roads and terrible driving

Making your way across the Maltese roads is an adventure and a half; from trying to avoid all the potholes to guessing which way the car in front of you is going because no one in Malta knows how to use their indicators.

This may be an overdone topic with comedians, but we’re sure Dara will be able to easily add his own personal flair to it. Especially if he ends up arriving late to his own show because of the traffic and with a sore back because of all the potholes.

2. Our questionable diet

Mediterranean diets are often described as light and refreshing, but that doesn’t really fit the Maltese one.

With bread and pastries and all the carbs available on every single corner, it’s a surprise we’re not all morbidly obese and diabetic. Dara, mock us please; we need to learn.

3. The fact that we shout to speak

Even the friendliest of conversations between two Maltese people can sound like a shouting match in Naples.

Our tendency to raise our voices paired with our intense accent that only gets more intense when we raise our voice means that any conversation involving more than two people turns into something that sounds like a violent argument… even for the liveliest of Irish ears like Dara’s.

4. Norman Lowell

Just the fact that this man exists is stand-up material.

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5. How construction has taken over the island

We seem to have a bit of an obsession with building blocks of flats and high-rises here in Malta. It would definitely be interesting to hear an outsider’s view on the amount of buildings we have on island.

6. Our tendency to get way too passionate about anything

From politics to football to the local festa, we don’t celebrate anything half-heartedly here in Malta.

Taking to streets with flags, drinking a bit too much, flooding counting halls, running with actual statues on our shoulders and dedicating special foods to the day; we pour our heart and soul into everything, and that’s all the material someone like Dara can hope for.

7. Our turbulent relationship with the sun

We’ve been blessed with the gift of sunny weather, but we don’t always like it like that.

In the middle of summer, we all love to hate the heat, and then pray for it to return the moment a drop of rain falls. How can anyone from the British Isles be expected to understand that, or at least not make fun of it?

Dara O’ Briain will be in Malta on the 22nd and 23rd of June as a part of the Eden Comedy Club… and we have two tickets to give away to one lucky Lovin Malta reader!

All you need to do to nab this pair of tickets is tag someone who you would take with you in the comments below.

Get ready for a night of painfully relatable jokes and painfully infectious laughter, and book your tickets for Voice of Reason online from ShowsHappening.

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