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WIN: Flat Sharing In Malta – What Type Of Flatmate Are You?

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Do you think you’d make a good flatmate? Are you fun to spend time with, or do you do your best to avoid human interaction? Are you good at doing chores, or do you let dirty plates pile up and hope they disappear? Would you dare drink someone else’s last can of Cisk?

It takes a certain kind of person to make an ‘ideal’ flatmate, but let’s face it: we can’t all be that kind of person.


So, what kind of Flatmate would you be?

Answer these seven questions to find out, and leave your result in the comments below!

Whether you’re The Parent or The Slob, if you’re looking to find someone to share a house with, you need to know about Flatmate

Flatmate is Malta’s first flat-sharing platform, and it’s basically a two-way marketplace, that caters for those looking to rent their homes, and those looking for a place to live.

You can use Flatmate if you’re visiting Malta both short and long-term, if you’re Maltese but looking to move out, or if you want a place to bunk with friends for a short while.

If you are looking for a room but have trouble finding one and at the same time can’t afford a place on your own then you can team up with other home seekers, connect and get to know each other and then look for a place together in a team of two or more people.

Flatmate is a one-stop shop for everything flatsharing in Malta. The best part, it’s free to use! You don’t need to pay to use the platform, and rental fees are decided by the users renting their place out.

It’s also super easy to use: just pick your aim when you sign up and get browsing or add a listing!

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Flatmate have two Cleland & Souchet vouchers to give out to two lucky readers, worth €50 and €250

Cleland & Souchet are launching their new webshop on the 10th of June and we are excited. All you have to do to be in with the chance of winning one of the vouchers is tag a friend in the comments section for this article over on Facebook.

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Tag a friend who needs a place to live in Malta!

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