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WIN: Guess The Dish And Win A Buffet For Two In Qawra

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As every Mediterranean-born person knows, food is life; and luckily for us here in Malta, we have ample variety when it comes to cuisine choices.

From Asian to Moroccan to mouth-watering local dishes, we’re all spoiled for choice.

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We’re going to test your knowledge to see whether or not you’re the foodie you claim to be – do you know enough about food to top this quiz?

Well, if you do, you could be looking at a delicious buffet for two at Qawra’s Tagine, a db San Antonio Hotel + Spa restaurant that’s been making waves in local foodie circles. Boasting Moroccan and Indian cuisine side by side, Indian and Moroccan chefs cook traditional authentic food from their country, which enriches the authenticity of the restaurant. They have an international mix of flavours under one Maltese roof… and they’re offering a free buffet night to the most informed foodies on the island.

Take our Guess The Dish quiz now and get planning that mouthwatering night out!

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Take the quiz and then tag a friend you’d love to go to this epic buffet with!

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