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WIN: Here’s How You Can Create The Ultimate Tea Party In Malta

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Without trying to sound cliché, as a Brit, tea is a pretty big deal and I like to make a whole event of it. However, I love to explore different kinds of teas that go beyond the English breakfast teas.

Throwing a tea party is such a quintessential way to celebrate a birthday, bridal or baby shower or when you want to host a gathering with friends. A tea party in today’s hectic world is a way to unwind with expectations of delicacies being served that are fit for royalty.

Never underestimate the power of a jolly good tea party, and remember that you can have a darn good one right here in Malta. Here are a few pointers you should consider.

1. The setting

Where you want to host your tea party is very important and depends entirely on your mood and tastes.

We’d totally suggest a picnic in a park or even a sandy beach if you’re into the outdoors. Spring has finally arrived in Malta, and fingers crossed the weather will be on your side on the day. Want to keep it indoors? Then decorate your dining room accordingly to have that intimate personalised feel. Flowers are a must for the latter.

You can decorate your balcony, terrace or garden if you are lucky enough to have one. Small touches go a long way for this type of partay.

2. Choose your time wisely

So afternoon is the traditional time for a tea party, but you don’t have to stick to that at all.

You can host a tea party brunch or an evening tea party after dinner.

3. Dress code

This might sound extra, but it’s necessary!

Dressing up in fancy dress or glamming it up is part of the fun of having a tea party, otherwise it’s just like any other meal… and what’s the point in that? Treat it the same way people in Malta treat that Sunday afternoon outing with the family.

Bonus points for floral dresses, ladies! And if you want to go all the way, throw in a Gossip Girl-esque headband to mirror the definate gossip sesh you’ll be having.

4. The food

Obviously, a tea party wouldn’t be a tea party without some amazing nourishments. Light finger-foods are always a safe bet, so make sure you have a good selection of sweet and savouries.

You can go for the traditional fare of scones and tiny sandwiches. We wouldn’t say no to mini quiches, spring rolls or crab puffs either or bake an easy as abc banana bread. Banana is a great all rounder to keep your guests satisfied and smiling even if the party lasts hours.

This is another Maltese strength you can play in your favour… because God knows locals love their food.

5. Think of a theme

Even if you want it traditional Brit style, that’s a theme in itself.

Or you could have an Alice in Wonderland, Mad Hatter’s tea party, a royal theme, a vintage theme or even a rock ‘n roll theme (yes, really).

6. Spill the tea!

Now for the most important bit… the tea.

It’s key to offer a wide selection: do you want loose tea or teabags? Flavoured or plain?

Make sure you have more than two teapots at your tea party, so you can brew a plethora of teas that guests can pour straight into their tea cups without the hassle of individual teabags.

Do provide accompaniments such as sugar (especially sugar cubes) milk (preferably in a jug) and maybe lemon slices, these would all pair perfectly with Clipper’s premium black tea selection.

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English Breakfast, Detox, Sleep Easy, Snore & Peace, Fennel Infusion, Lemon and Ginger, Green tea & Lemon & Green tea

If you’re planning a show-stopping tea party, Clipper teas has got you covered


And that’s not only from a quality standpoint, but also for ethical reasons.

Clipper teas is the U.K’s first and largest Fairtrade tea brand. What does that mean? They support workers’ rights and make sure that farmers are paid a fair wage. All their teabags are plastic free, unbleached, contain no artificial ingredients and most of their teas are organic.

Their interesting selection of green teas make it so you can enjoy them at a tea party and beyond.

They’ve got a selection of infusion teas to lift your spirits, like ‘Happy Mondays’ and ‘Rise and Shine’, not to mention teas that will help you sleep like ‘Snore and Peace’. Or if you need to cleanse your body and recharge after a long weekend, they’ve even got ‘Detox’, the tea that will have you feeling good from the inside.

Screen Shot 2019 03 27 At 12 21 26

To give you the tools to recreate a badass tea party for you and your friends. So start planning!

Screen Shot 2019 03 27 At 12 16 35

Clipper is giving away €30 worth of teas and a super sleek tea set, all you’ve got to do is tag a fellow tea-lover below and you could be in with a chance!

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