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WIN: Lovin Malta Is Giving Away A Brand New Bathroom From Vella Falzon Home To One Lucky Reader

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Have you just bought a new place and are in desperate need of help furnishing it? Are you in a happy home, but looking to seriously upgrade your bathroom? Are you looking to give the best gift ever?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, we have some incredible news for you.

Lovin Malta has teamed up with Vella Falzon Home to give you the chance to WIN A FREE BATHROOM worth €1,500!*

Think of all the changes you could make with that kind of money. You’d really be the king or queen of your throne, reigning over your brand-new space.

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How to WIN the incredible €1,500:

The competition is easy and open to everyone who likes Lovin Malta’s page

All you need to do is head over to the post on Facebook, share the post on your timeline and comment to let us know you’ve done it!

That’s it – you’re done!

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But the prizes don’t stop there! Everyone’s a winner with Vella Falzon Home because throughout all of May the showroom is celebrating bathroom month, which means you could get up to 30% off your next bathroom purchase.

And once you’ve decked out your new bathroom, there’ll be no stopping you in their state of the art showroom. This place has everything you could possibly need. 

From kitchens… 

Img 1044

…with all the bits and bobs anyone could want or need

Img 1115

Including real wood finish

Img 1262

To bedrooms and walk-in wardrobes

Img 1286
Img 1121

And if you’re into branded furnishings, go for Vella Falzon Home’s array of Nolte kitchens (Germany’s most popular brand) and top quality bedrooms and living rooms all made in Germany.

Img 1257
Img 1073

This one-stop-boutique has got everything you need for your home, from soft furnishings and carpets… 

Img 1340
Img 1141

… to a large selection of floor tiles and more

Img 1171 180509 155040

Vella Falzon Home will keep you hooked, because who doesn’t love to come home to stunning floor-to-celing decor?

Img 1097

They’ve got everything you need to make a house at home

Img 1332
Img 1168

And Vella Falzon Home’s extensive range of giftware will keep you top of the gift game

Img 1338

Don’t forget to share the post on your Facebook timeline and comment to be in with the chance to win!

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