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WIN: Wine O’ Clock! You Can Now Order World Class Vino From Your Home In Malta

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Look, I think we can all agree that it’s been a tough year. But no matter how bleak the world gets, you’re always a glass of wine away from a good time.

And luckily, one local wine store has launched a sleek new website for all your wine needs (because vino is always a necessity). Mirachem’s wine.mt is here with the world’s finest bottled grapes, and they’ll deliver it right to your door in no time.

Plus, if you tag a friend below, you’ll get the chance to win six beautiful bottles of their curated wines.

Here’s why their store leads the wine way.

1. They’ve got the world’s most reputable wines in one place.

From Europe to South America,  and the world’s greatest wine producers from Gaja to Bertani to Albert Bichot and Ca’ del Bosco, together with a vast range of Bordeaux chateau,  wine.mt has got the most well-known, well-loved and reputable brands from all over the world, so you’re really spoilt for choice.

I’m not kidding. With hundreds of selected bottles from over 18 countries, they’re bound to have your go-to vinos, but why not try a bottle from Morocco, Uruguay or Lebanon while you’re at it? 

Whites, reds, sparkling, ports – there’s truly a bottle for every occasion and even more to branch out and try a different wine for every mood.

Also, you can check out their weekly box offers for the finest in wines at amazing prices!

These hand-picked bottles give you the chance to taste emerging wines and save some euros too. It’s truly a win(e) win(e).

2. And vino isn’t all they’ve got.

Ok, enough bragging about their countless wine bottles. Despite the name, wine.mt is basically a one-stop shop for any wine and spirits enthusiast and they stock more than beautifully aged grapes – they’ve got beers, whiskeys, rums, gins and any tipple to tickle your fancy. Also, you will find an interesting range of accessories to enhance your drinking experience

Check out their sleek Riedel wine glasses or state-of-the-art Coravin wine preservation systems to instantly up your wine (and Instagram) game.

3. Every bottle is hand-picked by wine lovers and professionals.

It’s not enough to be spoilt for choice if the choice isn’t that great.

You’ll be happy to know that every vino has got to pass a strict brand sourcing procedure to be included in wine.mt’s portfolio. In fact, these guys are serious wine professionals and attend a considerable amount of wine tastings with seasoned professionals and simple wine lovers alike to ensure the right wines are available for their audience. The wine.mt team is constantly touring the globe in the quest for that special bottle. Cheers!

4. Tailor-made advice from their wine experts

Speaking of those wine experts, they’ll be happy to share their knowledge with tailor-made consultancies. Whether you’re hosting a corporate event, art gallery opening, intimate gathering or maybe just want to understand the daunting world of wine a little more, their wine experts will guide you to choose the best wine for any occasion.

Maybe you’ve got a special guest to impress, want to learn how to pair wines for particular dishes or even start your own wine cellar collection – they’ve got you covered.

5. Free deliveries over €25!

After splurging on a box offer, you’ll be delighted to know they’ll even handle the deliveries free of charge when spending over €25. Simply add the bottles you desire in to your cart, buy them and they’ll be on your doorstep faster than you can say sauvignon blanc. Chin chin!

Life’s hard, but nothing softens the blow of a hard day like a crisp glass of vino. Enjoy and happy wining!

WIN: Tag a friend in the comments section of this article and you’ll get the chance to win six beautiful bottles of wine. Bottles up!

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