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Calling All Foodies In Malta: This International App Is Recruiting

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Ready to steer your career into a whole new direction? The ideal workplace would provide you with the freedom to keep learning and experimenting. At Wolt, they love asking stupid questions as they believe that that is the way to grow and move forward. 

Wolt opened up its doors back in 2015 in Helsinki, Finland. Ever since then, they have been expanding to markets all across the globe. You can learn more about who they are here

Wolt employs over 4,000 individuals, 48% being women, 46% being men, and the remaining 6% who don’t confine themselves to a gender.

This humongous team of people come from all walks of life, meaning that you are sure to fit in with them. They are open and understanding, meaning that their day job feels more like being part of a family.

Their family spans various countries, including our sunny little island!

Wolt Malta is hiring for various roles. Before you have a look at what job opportunities they have, take a look at what their work culture is like.

Wolt Malta is looking to expand their team, and they are looking for a full-time Restaurant Specialist who will help them bring iconic Maltese restaurants closer to the general public. You would act as a key communicator between Wolt’s operations team and various restaurant partners.

If you are super organised, love new challenges, are detail-oriented and are a people person, this role would be perfect for you. You would be involved when it comes to restaurant acquisition, client handling, and marketing for your clients. 

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, apply here

Don’t want to work with restaurants? Wolt Malta is also looking for a full-time Retail Associate which is open to even the youngest of applicants! This role is an entry-level role, meaning that no experience is needed to kickstart your journey with Wolt.

They are simply looking for someone who has the right attitude and enthusiasm. This role is geared more towards working with supermarkets and shops rather than restaurants. All you need is an eagerness to learn. 

If this sounds like something that’s up your alley, apply here

They’ve also got one last position available for anyone who is interested in restaurants and the restaurant business. Wolt is looking for a Restaurant Associate If you’re good at keeping ahead of the trends and if you seem to be the one who your friends seek out restaurant suggestions from, then this is the job for you!
Mainly, you would be in charge of Wolt’s extensive portfolio of restaurants. You would be responsible for helping Wolt reach the highest service standards possible by conducting frequent quality and satisfaction checks within the establishments they partner with.
All roles require fluency in Maltese and knowledge of English. If you have any further questions about these roles, don’t hesitate to reach out to [email protected].

Tag someone who would excel at Wolt! 

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