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Big Night In! Wolt’s Foodie Offers Has The Whole Of Malta Covered This Weekend

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Now that summer is over, nothing beats spending a night at home surrounded by your loved ones, a game or two and some comfort food to keep you full and happy. 

Wolt has got loads of new offers available to make your regular poker night complete. From Italian comfort food to group deals on fried chicken, there really is something for everyone! Everyone knows that staying home is always made better with your favourite meals present and Wolt have ensured that you are able to do just that. So, set out to impress and pimp out your poker table with some fuel to keep your guests going.


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Whether you’re playing a poker night, organising a family get-together, or just looking for a relaxed night-in, Wolt has you covered.

One of Malta’s most popular food delivery apps understands that staying in can be as fun, if not more, than going out, and has come up with some incredible offers on Fridays and weekends, to make it all worth it. 

The Poker Night Meal Deal is a gamble you cannot miss out on – not only does it slash prices on your favourite dishes but it does so across several food eateries that we absolutely love.

A night in with friends and family comes with a certain mood and that mood is defined by the food that’s on the table.

Here are some Wolt restaurants suited for specific nights in. 

A Classy Poker Night

Everyone likes to sploosh when it comes to a poker night, from cigars to whisky and even some delectable meals to keep spirits high.

Uncle Matt’s Kitchen (located at Salini, Marsascala, Mosta, and Msida) is suited for the classy night with special Poker Night Meal Deals including Majjal il-Forn and Two Rabbits, mmm.

Football with the lads

The football season is well on the way, including the prestigious UEFA Champions League, which can only mean one thing…

…nights in with the lads!

The only thing better than your team winning is a big bucket of fried chicken to keep you company throughout the 90 exhilarating minutes – that’s why a special meal deal at Southern Fried Chicken (located at Birkirkara, Mosta, Qormi, and Żabbar ) is a no brainer.

Date Night

Who said you need to go out to have fun with your significant other? In fact, most of the fun happens at home with both in… the dining room.


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When it comes to spoiling your significant other, Taninu Bistro and its traditional Mediterranean cuisine hit the spot. Moreover, you don’t have to break the bank ordering out because Wolt has you covered with some incredible offers.

Netflix night in 

Modern-day streaming is a luxury we can’t live without. From your favourite movies to your favourite series, documentaries and reality shows, there’s so much to binge watch and we love it.

Just like Netflix’s eclectic library, BlackPaw in Buġibba has some incredible, customisable hotdogs that will hit the spot as you dig into your favourite shows.

Family Night 

Family nights are the most cherished nights of all. When it comes to connecting with your loved ones, you need some comfort food and The Daily Grub on Wolt has you covered with a cuisine catering to everyone’s needs.

The Poker Night Meal Deal is suited not just for the big nights, but the quiet nights too and is worth keeping in mind when you’re ordering every Friday, Saturday and Sunday before 11pm.

Wolt isn’t just great for its weekend offers, but also for the courier service itself which puts safety first with its contactless payment and delivery service. 

For a full list of The Poker Night Meal Deal offers, follow this link and get ordering.


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With the world in the state it is, it’s time to focus on your health and safety – staying inside is the safest option, even on the weekends, and from what Wolt is offering, it can be incredibly fun too.

If you haven’t downloaded the app then do so now following this link and join in on the fun!

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