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Xeba Qrid: Seven Things Everyone Cannot Stand About ACs

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It won’t be long before summer returns to Malta’s shores and we all know what that means – life on the island is about to become unbearably hot.

Everyone who has experienced a Maltese summer can attest to the feeling of boiling as soon as the fan turns away from you, of the steering wheel burning your hands, and of starting to sweat minutes after getting out of the shower.

Hands down, air conditioners are an absolute necessity to stop summer life from sinking into one prolonged siesta, but we have to admit there are times living with them feels like a necessary evil.

Here are seven reasons ACs can get quite annoying.

1. When they’re on full blast.

Picture this. You’re walking outside (for whatever reason) at 1pm on a cloudless August day and decide to take some shelter by popping into the supermarket or another establishment.

As soon as the doors close, you’re hit by a wave from their industrial-sized ACs and for a moment it feels like heaven. However, stay too long and you’ll start wishing you brought a jacket or two with you, and walking back outside feels like a crude version of a sauna.

2. Trying to reach that perfect spot.

It’s amazing how much difference one or two degrees Celsius can make. Finding the right temperature can be a game of chance – one degree too low and it just feels like wasted energy, one degree too high, and your nose will start feeling stuffy.

And once you find that golden mean, you’re going to have to keep tweaking and adjusting it according to the weather and your own body temperature. If your AC’s remote control is playing up a bit, then you’re in for a long day.

3. Not agreeing with others on what the perfect spot is.

So you’ve found the perfect spot, the office is nice and cool, you sit down to start another day of work, and then bleep, a colleague or household member just decided to ramp up or slow down the coolness.

Every person has their own ideal AC temperature. It is what it is, and a room’s final temperature often comes down to a battle of the minds, with the spoils going to the person most determined to get their way.

4. When they start leaking.

Air conditioning drains can get clogged or damaged over time, and the result is often a slow but enduring drip of water from the machine.

You know there’s something wrong with it, but it doesn’t seem like a big enough deal to bring a technician over – it’s still working after all, right? However, there’s no doubt that this is slightly frustrating at least, extremely distracting at most.

5. When they emit an awful smell.

This is probably the worst on the list. Sometimes you turn on the AC and it emits such a rotten smell that even the humidity of a Maltese summer day is more bearable – and that’s saying something.

You don’t know whether something crawled and died inside your machine (and if so, what?) or if the problem goes deeper. Certainly not a problem that can be ignored forever.

6. When they’re way too loud.

AC’s are best when they run in the background, cooling down the room in silence until you forget they’re even there. If it becomes too loud, or worse if the noise keeps constantly oscillating between different sound levels, then you’re in for a rough day.

If you’re in an office, then rest assured that someone will eventually crack and decide to turn the whole thing off altogether.

7. The fact they’re so expensive.

They say nothing good comes cheap, and that certainly holds for AC’s, which place more of a burden on your electricity bills than most electronic devices.

It’s particularly frustrating when you return home and find out you’d forgotten to turn the AC off before leaving or when you wake up with a blocked nose and it dawns on you that you had left it running all night.

All this being said though, it remains an undeniable fact that it’s tough getting through a Maltese summer without some kind of air conditioning. And if you’re looking for an AC, you’re going to want the best on the market, ideally one with as many technical features as possible.

Haier’s Jade AC is a state-of-the-art air conditioner, with some eye-catching features which make it stand out from the crowd.

Most notably, it’s the only AC out there with an electrostatic filter. While typical ACs contain a removable filter that must be occasionally removed, washed, and placed back under the main flap, the Jade’s thick filter is powered by electricity and is charged whenever the AC is switched on, attracting dust from across the room towards it.

Jade’s Super IFD has an advanced purification module which eliminate all air pollutants and allergens with up to 99.9% efficiency, while providing a comfortable environment. We have to live with the persistent presence of viruses, thus this is an investment in a healthier living for all the family.

This unit also has a clean air delivery rate (CADR) of up to 300m3/h which would mean that all the air in your bedroom would be purified six times per hour. This make the air purification performance of this air conditioner equivalent to the major professional air purifies.

Unlike most ACs, the Jade circulates air in a 3D manner, with vertical and horizontal deflectors continuously directing airflow to any point in the room; this means it will hit as many spots as possible.

It’s Wi-Fi-controlled, self-cleaning, and comes up with an eco sensor to automatically adjust the cooling depending on the level of activity and the intensity of the light in the room.

And at 15 decibels, it’s extremely quiet too, no louder than the noise of your own breath and the quietest AC on the market.

Last but not least, its energy efficiency in terms of both cooling and heating is ranked as a+++ (that’s three stars), basically the top grade in the AC world. Ultimately, it means consumption bills with the Jade can be 30% cheaper than other ACs, which is pretty significant considering how much energy these machines consume. In the long run its more beneficial to install Jade with it’s a+++ rating as you will end up saving money due to its consumption efficiency.

It really does tackle many AC-related concerns, and with the island about to start heating up within a matter of time, this could well be the investment of your summer.

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