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Want A Degree But Don’t Know What To Study? Here’s Some Unconventional Courses In Malta

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The period between A-Levels and University is always stressful, especially if you don’t exactly know what it is you want to do for the rest of your life. And while our secondary education system has a lot of positive points, versatility and variety are not one of them.

Students are often left feeling like their degree choices are limited to the standard options like Law, Medicine, and Architecture – when it’s so far from the truth.

And while a university course may not always determine your career path, it can definitely help you narrow your options and discover new interests that may lead you to the profession you love.

So, if you’re one of those students who want to continue studying but don’t know exactly what degree is right for you – here’s a list of unconventional courses available at the University of Malta and MCAST.

*Disclaimer, some Bachelors (like the Bachelor of Arts) give the option of an honours course or a joint degree, for example, International Relations and History.

1. Courses for creatives


  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Interactive Media

The digital industry is evidently booming and this course prepares students to enter this realm of work through exposure to 3D graphics and creative design and development.

Visual art, design principles, and design software will all be a part of the curriculum created to help students acquire skills for design and website, game, and app development. 

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This is a three-year full-time course.

  • Advanced Diploma in Fashion and Retail

Students will learn diverse skills ranging from basic entrepreneurial knowledge for those who want to open their own atelier in the future, to pattern drafting and sewing knowledge.

Course goers will also have the opportunity to participate in an apprenticeship and present their own design concepts in a fashion collection. 

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This is a full-time two-year course.

  • Bachelor of Arts in Spatial Design 

Students in this course will be given the skills to visually interpret industry-related spatial design projects of both internal and external spaces.

They’ll gain the necessary abilities to transform three-dimensional columns into innovative spatial experiences. Learners will further explore constructional materials and technology, while taking into account sustainability and the environment.

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This is a full-time three-year course

  • Advanced Diploma in Photography

With this course, students will be given a near real-life educational experience that will  imitate what goes on within the photographic industries.

Learners will be exposed to location photography, editorial photography, and studio photography. The course further includes DSLR photography, studio photography, studio lighting, monochrome darkroom photographic printing, and advanced post production techniques using Adobe Photoshop.

This is a full-time two-year course.

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University of Malta

  • Master Chef Diploma

This course will upgrade students’ knowledge and allow them to establish a higher level of expertise than the standard local courses. It introduces new areas of study that will aid culinarians who aspire to become peers within the international culinary community where Certified Master Chefs are at the top of the industry. 

The main subjects will explore issues that concern the consumer’s health, sustainable food supplies, management of resources,  the food law, and social diet trends.  

This is a part-time course that takes place over four semesters of evening classes.

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  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Theatre Studies

This programme will provide students with the academic perspective of the theoretical, practical, and historical application of the theatre. Students will be instilled with a deep sense of awareness and appreciation of the interdisciplinary area and its contribution to society.

This is a full-time three-year course.

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  • Diploma in Creativity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship

This diploma is a great way to develop your knowledge, transferable skills, and attitudes concerning creativity, idea generation, innovation, and entrepreneurship through a mix of theoretical and practical approaches.

All of these skills will help students adapt to the rapidly changing environment of today’s world – one that values creation and rewards innovation.

This is a part-time course that takes place in the evenings of four semesters.

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  • Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts 

Students participating in this course will learn about the historical and traditional art of the Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque periods. This makes learners well equipped to understand how modern art carries on, builds upon, or debunks the artistic expressions of past centuries.

The course also covers different modes of art, like photography and sculpting, both practically and theoretically. A similar course is also offered at MCAST.

This degree takes three years of full-time attendance.

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2. Courses for those who are good with their hands


  • Advanced Diploma in Welding and Fabrication

This course provides a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical training through which students will learn to analyse and generate solutions related to typical fabrication using thin plates and pipes.

Learners will be expected to participate individually and in teams to fabricate welded products. They’ll also be given the opportunity to follow an apprenticeship to better their hands-on experience.

The course is full-time and lasts three years.

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  • Advanced Diploma in Plumbing and Liquid Petroleum Gas Systems

Like the course above, this one combines theoretical knowledge and practical training through which students will learn how to analyse and generate solutions to perform typical plumbing installations, alterations, repairs and planned maintenance.

The course also covers liquid petroleum gas (LPG) systems installed to REWS/MSA standards.

This course lasts three years and requires full-time attendance.

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  • Advanced Diploma in Construction Engineering

This course involves both college and work-based learning that provide students with knowledge and experience of the basic requirements and specialist areas related to the field of building and construction.

At the end of the first year, learners can choose one of four streams that include: Construction Design, Quantity Surveying, Land Surveying, and Civil and Road Engineering.

Students will also be able to carry out tasks related to design, quantity surveying, land surveying, geospatial engineering, geographical information, and roads and project management.

This is a three-year full-time course.

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3. Courses for politics and history enthusiasts

University of Malta

  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in European and Global History

This programme will provide students with an academic lens of European and global history which will enrich students’ understanding of the political, societal, and cultural development throughout the years.

This course takes three years and requires full-time attendance.

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  • Diploma in Journalism

This diploma provides students with an overview of communication skills through learning courses in journalism issues, reporting, interviewing, media law, graphic design, layout, magazine, and digital publishing.

This course is aimed at people who are interested in pursuing a career in media research, journalism, and/or broadcasting, along with journalists who want a qaulification.

This is a two year part-time day course.

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  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in International Relations

This course is focused on providing students with an academic perspective of the liaison between countries and how a host of factors including affect intercountry relations. It will provide students with a clear idea of how Western, European, and non-European countries coalesce and relate with one another.

Among the several topics included, students will explore the foreign policy of USA and international economics, international relations since 1919, and conflict resolution.

This is a three year full-time course.

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  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Politics and Governance

Students will learn how to contribute to the political formation of citizens who are actively engaged in Maltese public life through political parties, journalism, social media, local councils, communities, civil society associations, NGOs, and business associations.

This is a five-year course that’s part-time and occurs in the evening.

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4. Courses in animals and agriculture


University of Malta

  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Classics

‘Classics’ is used as an umbrella term for all things Ancient Greece. Students will familiarise themselves with the mythology, society, literature and linguistics, history and art of the Greek Islands.

The course will help students gain a basic understanding of the Greek and Latin languages so that they can read key texts in their respective original languages.

The course is full-time for three years.

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  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Linguistics

This programme will give students an academic perspective of Maltese and global linguistics.

They will learn he multifaceted qualities of linguistics, ranging from sociolonguistics, psycholinguistics and Maltese sign language, to applied linguistics, Python programming, Stylistics and the tripartite influence of discourse, ideology and power.

This is a three year full-time programme.

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  • Bachelor of Arts in Middle Eastern and Asian Languages and Cultures (Chinese) and Linguistics

This is not an honours course but students will have the opportunity to choose whether they want to specialise and thus graduate with an honours degree.

Those who wish and qualify to proceed to the honours track continue with one area of study, in addition to a limited number of credits in the subsidiary area to be taken during the second year.

This is three years of full-time attendance.

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  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Oriental Studies (Chinese)

This programme will broaden students’ Chinese cultural, literary and linguistic horizons through a wide historic spectrum, ranging from some of the earliest Chinese dynasties, to modern and contemporary times.

This is a three year full-time course.

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There are a score of other languages that a student can study at the University of Malta, so don’t shy away from sifting through their website.

6. Courses for sports fiends

University of Malta

  • Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Sport and Physical Activity

This degree course will equip students with the necessary skills to address the challenges of delivering quality sport and physical activities and their benefits to individuals, communities and societies.

Various components will be emphasised throughout the course with an emphasis on the development of the different personnel involved in sporting and physical activities.

A particular emphasis on coaching and sport development responsibilities within the physical activity, sport and leisure sector will be made.

This is a three year full-time course.

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  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Dance Studies

Dance studies teaches students theoretical perspectives of different types of dance genres and choreography, they will also undergo professional practice and experience a variety of dance manners ranging from the musical theatre and movement analysis, to the coupling of performance and philosophy.

This is a three year full-time course.

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  •  Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Sport, Exercise and Health

Throughout the course, students will undergo hands-on experience to engage in exercise, health and fitness programmes, conferences and events on and off campus, working with different sectors of the community.

The undergraduates will develop the knowledge and skills required to assist clients and patients in their various health challenges, noncommunicable diseases, health conditions, injuries or disabilities.

This is a three year full-time course.

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  • Diploma in Sport

The diploma covers the basics of Anatomy and Physiology in Sport, Fitness Testing, Fitness Instruction, Fundamental Methodology of Physical Activity and Sport, as well as the theory and practice of the mainstream sports.

The syllabus also includes a work-based learning component to help the transition into employment for those students who don’t want to continue studying.

This course lasts one year and requires full-time attendance.

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7. Courses for those interested in social work


  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Health and Social Care (Management)

This course includes a varied mixture of modules aimed at enhancing the undergraduates’ managerial qualities, namely Governance, Quality Management, European Law, and Social Policy.

Other study units focus on the importance of the undergraduates to keep abreast of current issues that different categories of service users may encounter, such as Globalisation and Poverty and Family and Individual Functioning.

The duration of this course is not available.

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  • Advanced Diploma in Children’s Care, Learning and Development

Students are taught how to observe babies and toddlers in an early years’ environment, to be able to help each child reach their maximum potential.

Topics include the safeguarding and promotion of children’s rights and the creation of a safe and engaging environment where positive development can take place.

At the end of the first year, successful students will have the option to leave their studies and be awarded with the MCAST Award in Children’s Care, Learning and Development – this Award will enable them to work as child care practitioners.

This is a full-time two-year course.

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University of Malta

  • Higher Diploma in Community Access for Disabled People (Gozo)

This course aims to increase students’ knowledge of disability issues, be aware of and analyse the complexity of these issues, and be able to compare them to similar and related concerns.

This course has six semesters with part-time lessons occurring in the evening.

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  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Early Childhood Education and Care (Top-Up Degree)

Among the many skills learned, the course aims to develop the students’ attitudes and character, have a good understanding of theories of learning, development, and play; develop an ability to understand children’s perspectives through their ways of communication and; be able to prepare high-quality pedagogic environments.

This course is full-time for one year and is intended for students in possession of the MCAST-BTEC Higher National Diploma in Advanced Studies in Early Years.

Click here to learn more.

BONUS: Take a year off

Whether you’re just entering university or graduated and thinking of doing a master’s, you may have that lingering thought at the back of your mind pushing you to take a break.

And sometimes, listening to that little voice may be the best decision you’ve ever made.

Taking a gap year gives students time to clear their minds and really tune in and discover what it is they want to do or study. It can also give you the opportunity to travel if you’re able to, work and save up, and explore different professions.

This opportunity only comes once, adulthood and full-time careers generally involve a lot less freedom and a lack of responsibilities.

So, if you feel like you need a break and can afford to take one, listen to your body and take it. You don’t know what you might discover about yourself if you do.

These are just a few courses and categories that MCAST and the University of Malta have to offer.

There are maritime programmes, aviation programmes, environment courses, and so many more.

So, if you didn’t find the right course for you, know that it’s probably out there. You just have to dedicate some time to sift through their respective websites and you might come out with some handy course ideas.

Do you know what you want to study?

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