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From ABBA To Żaren: Here’s How Malta’s Small Political Parties And Independent Candidates Did This Election

As the hype from the highly anticipated Maltese general election dies down, more data revealing how people voted in their districts have been unveiled. The election resulted in another major landslide win in favour of the PL, securing them another five years in government. However, the small political parties and individual candidates have yet to … Continued

Transport, Gozo And Corruption Claims: Here’s What Malta’s Small Political Parties Are Up To On Election Campaign

We are officially less than one week away from the general election which is taking place on 26th March. As more uncertainty, scandals and fears of low voter turnout amount, Malta’s small political parties and independent candidates have been out in full swing announcing proposals left, right and centre. So here are a few highlights … Continued

Here’s What Small Political Parties In Malta Have Done In Week Three Of Their Election Campaign

Another week has passed since the general election was announced, meaning that once again Malta’s political parties have released another barrage of statements and proposals for the next political term. This week has been particularly chaotic and probably a bit difficult to keep up with, so here is a rundown of what Malta’s smaller political … Continued