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It’s Not A Conflict, It’s War, Ukrainian President Zelenskyy Tells Malta’s Parliament

In an address to the Maltese Parliament, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky reminded parliamentarians that Ukraine is not in the middle of a conflict, but in a full-blown war.  Ukrainian President Zelensky, who addressed Malta’s parliament today via video link, expressed his gratitude to the Maltese people for inviting him to speak.  At the beginning of … Continued

Could It Happen To Malta? MEPs React To EU Cutting Hungary Funds Over Rule Of Law Breaches

For the first time ever, the European Union has triggered its rule of law mechanism, warning that Hungary could lose funding from the EU.  Civil society groups and international watchdogs have long said that Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s government has been violating international and EU law, as well as rolling back human rights. Orban’s … Continued

’Smart And Articulate’ Roberta Metsola Has Shaken Up European Parliament Presidency In First 100 Days, Politico Says

European Parliament President Roberta Metsola has shaken up the image of the office, renowned Politico magazine has said in a piece commemorating her first 100 days in the role. Metsola’s win was historic in more ways than one; it made her of the highest-ranking Maltese person in the EU, the youngest ever EP President, the first … Continued

MEPs Call For Protection Of Women And Child Refugees, Including Access To Sexual Healthcare Upon Arrival In EU

Members of the European Parliament who sit on the Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality voted in favour of a resolution condemning the use of sexual and gender-based violence as a weapon of war. MEPs expressed their deep concern about the growing number of reports of women and children fleeing Ukraine becoming victims of … Continued

Roberta Metsola Reacts To Emmanuel Macron’s Election Win: ‘Nothing Will Ever Stop A Popular Impulse For Freedom’

European Parliament Presiden Roberta Metsola has expressed her thoughts on President Emmanuel Macron winning the French Presidential election on Sunday.  Last Sunday, French President Emmanuel Macron won the Presidential election, beating his far-right opponent Marine Le Pen and securing another five years in power.  “Emmanuel Macron’s victory confirms an ambition for a Europe that gives … Continued

What Will Happen If Ukraine Joins The EU According To MEPs And Experts

Since Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the Russian army to invade Ukraine on 24th February, Europe has been plagued by uncertainty and fear of retribution should the EU enact harsher and more forceful measures against Russia. One particular question, however, that has been on peoples’ minds is what will happen in the event that Ukraine’s … Continued

From ABBA To Żaren: Here’s How Malta’s Small Political Parties And Independent Candidates Did This Election

As the hype from the highly anticipated Maltese general election dies down, more data revealing how people voted in their districts have been unveiled. The election resulted in another major landslide win in favour of the PL, securing them another five years in government. However, the small political parties and individual candidates have yet to … Continued

Transport, Gozo And Corruption Claims: Here’s What Malta’s Small Political Parties Are Up To On Election Campaign

We are officially less than one week away from the general election which is taking place on 26th March. As more uncertainty, scandals and fears of low voter turnout amount, Malta’s small political parties and independent candidates have been out in full swing announcing proposals left, right and centre. So here are a few highlights … Continued

Here’s What Small Political Parties In Malta Have Done In Week Three Of Their Election Campaign

Another week has passed since the general election was announced, meaning that once again Malta’s political parties have released another barrage of statements and proposals for the next political term. This week has been particularly chaotic and probably a bit difficult to keep up with, so here is a rundown of what Malta’s smaller political … Continued

Introducing Lovin Malta’s Election 2022 Dashboard

Lovin Malta has just launched its Election 2022 dashboard and landing page, where you can find all things related to the forthcoming Maltese general election.  Whether it’s updates about the latest proposals by Malta’s different political parties, in-depth analysis, statistics or just basic news you’re looking for, you can find it all and more sorted … Continued