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POLL: What Maltese Name Should We Suggest For The New Planet?

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It’s come to our attention recently that we, as the nation of Malta, are being given the opportunity to name a planet. Like an actual planet in outer space could be given a Maltese name. And we cannot let this opportunity slide.

The planet (which is actually a giant ball of gas) and its host star will be named by a public vote based on suggestions given in via this google form.

We’ve come up with a few Malta-inspired names we think would suit this planet

And we want you to tell us which is your favourite. Take a vote now and help us solidify our place in the extended galaxy forever.

We’ll also be naming the star that the planet circles, so I guess the runner-up’s name will go to that

In recent years, astronomers have discovered thousands of planets and planetary systems orbiting around nearby (and not-so-nearby) stars. Some are small and rocky like the Earth, whilst others are gas giants like Jupiter. The sheer number of stars in the Universe, each potentially with orbiting planets, along with the ubiquity of pre-biotic compounds, suggests that extraterrestrial life may be likely.

(Translation: aliens might actually exist)

Nearly 100 countries have already signed up to organise national campaigns that will provide the public with an opportunity to vote

The aim of this initiative is to create awareness of our place in the Universe and to reflect on how the Earth would potentially be perceived by a civilisation on another planet. It’s hard to pick a perfect Maltese name for a planet, but if we get the star too, and stars are suns, we totally want to call it ‘wisq sabiħa’. Maybe next century.

Do you have any other name suggestions? Leave them in the comments below!

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