3 Videos That Will Make You Want to Visit Valletta Today

Rediscover the breathtaking city of Valletta

Valletta Video

Over the past few years we've seen a surge in activity across Valletta. With an ever growing list of things to do and places to visit, the island's capital city has been reinvented as so much more than a simple stop for tourists planning a trip to Malta. The three videos below perfectly highlight some of the many beautiful faces of our beloved city.

"People of Valletta"

What is a city without its people? Agnes Gramala's stunning video captures quick snapshots into the lives of those who live, and work, in Valletta.

"Travel Guide - Valletta"

Maarten Kuijken's tour of our capital is one striking video. With a few, simple shots captured at the perfect angle, the city's haunting beauty is brought to life. Also, the special special guest stealing the spotlight at 0:54 completes the whole thing.

"Valletta Day Trippin"

A lot brighter in its mood, and colour scheme, Rockfilmsmalta shows off Valletta's fun, and quirky side.

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