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The Votes Have Been Cast And The Numbers Tallied, The Next X Factor Winner Is…

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The time has come for X Factor’s most exciting point in the season, the live shows. The stakes have never been higher and the Maltese people have already cast their premature votes on who they think should be crowned the winner of  X Factor season two…

… and it ended up in a tie.

Well almost. 2, 574 people casted their vote for who they think should be the X Factor winner and these are the results…

Both Destiny Chukunyere and girl group F.A.I.T.H are coming into the live shows as equal favourite and leading the pack with 19% of the votes.

But when you look at the individual numbers, Destiny just edges ahead of the girl group thanks to 12 votes…

… which means that the X Factor crown is anyone’s for the taking.

Coming in at a distant second is Jasmine Abela at 13% followed by Justine Shorfid and Yazmin & James in a joint third with 11%.

On the other side of the spectrum, both Edward Abdilla and Paul Anthony Cuschieri are at the bottom of the barrel with 0% of the votes.

But that doesn’t make January any less of a free-for-all as all 12 contestants will be competing on equal grounds, in a different environment, and in front of a live audience.

The stakes are higher and the stage has been set. Though our polls indicate some clear favourite, this is X Factor and anything can happen.

What do you think will win X Factor Season Two? Let us know in the comments below

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