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WATCH: The 7th Wonder Of X Factor Malta… We Ain’t Mad

As 2019’s final act draws to a close, history is being made across the island. Last night, it was X Factor’s turn for a bit of action as we saw Ira Losco’s 7th Wonder reimagined by quirky contestant Giovanni.

Is it good? Is it bad? Are we simply going mad?

Is it fiction or fact? Has this contestant lost his tact? Not exactly. Even we can admit that the more of that we saw the more we weren’t mad about it.

We just can’t wait for Chucky to let us know what he thinks of this performance – mainly because someone has beaten him to being the first to cover the iconic track.

Actual footage of Chucky watching X Factor last night.

But in the meantime, you’ll find us here trying to get our jaws back up off the floor. Tackling Ira was never going to be an easy feat, tackling what is probably Ira’s epochal Eurovision record just upped the difficulty.

I’ll tell you one thing: I didn’t half expect pigs to fly past my living room window as he announced his song choice and, while the initial shock wasn’t that hard to rise above, we ain’t mad about it, Giovanni. He’s certainly got the makings of a wonder. China can keep its wall.

Who is your favourite pick from Ray’s boys?

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