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WATCH: X Factor Malta Singer Opens Up About His COVID-19 Hospitalisation And Dad’s Death Soon After 

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An X Factor Malta singer has opened up about an extremely turbulent and emotional phase of his life he passed through last year, when he suffered a serious bout of COVID-19 and had to deal with his father’s death within the span of a few weeks. 

Jimmy, a 33-year-old Irishman who lives in Malta, said he was hospitalised for a week after contracting COVID-19 and was even placed on life support.

While he was at Mater Dei, his sister called him up to tell him that his father, who had ben suffering from cancer for a while, was about to pass away.

“Luckily he held on for a few weeks and in fact said he’s holding on for me to come,” Jimmy said. “Luckily I made it back one day before he passed away. I literally went from a hospital to a house to back to Ireland to singing at his funeral and then back here. It was a bit of a crazy time.”

Jimmy belted out a pitch-perfect rendition of Macy Gray’s ‘I Try’ in his audition, with judge Ira Losco hailing him as “one of the most complete artists we’ve seen so far”.

“You held us in the palm of your hands and I got goosebumps in two instances,” fellow judge Philippa Naudi said.

Jimmy’s performance earned him four yeses to seem qualify to the next round.

Did you like Jimmy’s performance?

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