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‘You Have The X Factor’: Last Night’s Premier Of X Factor Season Two Kicked Off With A Bang Thanks To This Breathtaking Performance

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It takes a special someone to receive four yeses and a standing ovation from the X Factor’s judges and Justine Shorfid proved that she may just be the next big thing after an emotional and epic performance during last night’s premiere of season two.

After months and months of waiting, highly anticipated music show X Factor finally returned to Maltese television last night and the first episode already featured a couple of stars in the making.

Last night’s episode was jam-packed with great (and not so great) performances but there was one singer in particular that may have just become the judges favourite already, Justine Shorfid.

A nervous Justine took to center stage to perform a rendition of All I Want by Kodaline and absolutely blew away the judges were her breathtaking performance which aired on TVM last night.

Justine may just have the X Factor that Malta has been looking for after she received a standing ovation and 4 yeses for her performance last night.

She received some encouraging feedback from the judges, who praised her strong and dynamic voice and with Ira Losco going as far as to say that she the ‘X Factor’.

Justine’s performance has since gone viral after it was uploaded to the official X Factor page racking up over 12,000 views overnight!

This was just one out of many great performances last night; which makes this season of X Factor even more interesting and competitive than ever before. We can’t wait to see what other hidden musical talents make their way onto the show in the upcoming weeks!

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