5 Incredible Places In Malta You Should Visit Before You Die

Sometimes you just need a change of scene.

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As if you didn’t know already how lucky the Maltese are that nature carved out so many scenic spots on such a tiny rock, these five underrated locations just add insult to injury.

1. Wied iż-Żurrieq

Wied Zurrieq

Photo credit: Kevin White

With crystal-clear waters perfect for a boat ride, this charming mini-harbour in the South of Malta provides a beautiful seascape as well as a number of tourist-friendly cafés and restaurants for the perfect summer day outing. Be ready to tip the parker if you’re driving there though!

2. Selmun Coast

Selmun Coast

Photo credit: TFAR1959 (Panoramio)

If you prefer remote and pristine beaches as opposed to animated and rowdy ones – beaches off Selmun Coast such as Imġiebaħ Bay are definitely worth the journey. That being said, it is quite a long road, and once you get there you won’t find any lifeguards or kiosks – so bring all necessary refreshments with you and pay special attention while swimming. 

3. Inland Sea, Gozo

Inland Sea Gozo

Photo credit: mymaltalife.wordpress.com

When visiting the Azure Window, reminiscing about that Game of Thrones scene, you’d be prone to miss this gem. Just to the right of this iconic location lies an oasis for swimmers and snorkelers alike. For the less adventurous amongst us, a boat-ride through the cave-like tunnel is an absolute must.

4. Lantern Point

Lantern Point

Photo credit: Pascal Kobeh

If cave-diving tickles your fancy, the perfect place for you might be in Southeast Comino, where you can find Lantern Point – 40m+ deep biodiversity hotspot with a 50m tunnel. If that doesn’t jump-start your adrenaline, I don’t know what will!

5. Castille Square

Castille Square

Photo credit: tvm.com.mt

Newly renovated and ready for action, Castille square is an often overlooked camping spot in the European Capital of Culture 2018.  

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