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#LovinMilied: You’ve Got One Week Left To Get Involved!

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Lovin Milied – the great Christmas tradition that allows us to light up the holiday season for hundreds of people across the island – is in full swing.

For this fourth edition, the challenge goes online (thanks Covid!) Instead of collecting physical items from the public, we are collecting gift bag donations and all gifts will be made in-house, delivered via the help of eCabs and then quarantined for three days before they are opened by their recipients. All before Christmas Day!

2020 will be remembered for all the wrong reasons but we certainly weren’t going to let one of those reasons be a shitty Christmas for those in need. With your continued support, this project helps vulnerable groups feel some Christmas Lovin and we want to thank those who have participated so generously so far. From individual folks like you and me (have you got yours yet?) to groups like Gasan Foundation, and companies like Hero Gaming, every little helps towards making this Christmas a little bit brighter.

The response we have received so far is heartening, but we still have a long way to go. We are collaborating with four charity foundations who have submitted their lists of young and old, naughty and nice and we are working very hard to make sure everyone has something to look forward to on Christmas morning.

So if you added “spread good cheer and love’ to your Christmas task list or if you are looking to bank some good karma, then head on over to our site and bag yourself a bag of gifts for a total stranger.

This time of year has always been about looking out for one another and strengthening our sense of community. Now, more than ever, we must come together and make sure that no one is left unloved this Christmas.

A wise man once said “Think of giving not as a duty, but as a privilege” (That wise man was John D. Rockefeller Jr. FYI) 

Here’s How To Take Part…

1.Go to Lovin Deals

2. Scroll down and pick a bag

3. Once the bag has been added to your cart, click ‘Proceed To Check Out’ and that’s it, we take care of the rest!

Will you take part in Lovin Milied this year? Tag your friends to join in!

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