13 Great Places In Malta For An After-Work Pint

Mondays don't have to be so bad


When a weekend comes to an end, sometimes it's all you can do not to hurl yourself onto your apartment floor and thump your fists against the cold tiles in protest of the impeding doom of work the next day. 

Well, when you're done from your tantrum, we're here to offer you a silver lining to your cloud. In no particular order (and keeping in mind that a pint is amazing no matter where you have it), here are 13 of the best places to get a pint after work in Malta.

1. Beer Garden

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Beer Garden has the perfect chilled atmosphere to help you wind down after a long day of work. And if you stay for long enough, it magically turns into a tipsy mess of a post-Paceville pub with spontaneous bouts of a cappella renditions.

2. Żmerċ

The drink mats on the wooden bar of Żmerċ read "Famous for a Reason", and we couldn't agree more. One of the places to be on any given evening, Żmerċ has figured out the golden balance between a relaxed atmosphere with a couple of pints, and a generous helping of never-ending finger food.

3. Blue Bar

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The familiar faces behind Blue Bar are back with a new version of the old classic, and the after-work beer vibes are as strong as ever with this Msida bar.

4. Good Thaimes

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Previously known as the Cowboy Bar due its interior and life-size cowboy statue just outside their door, Good Thaimes have taken their Gżira reputation as a popular place to sit down and get a pint at the end of the day, and added a beautiful dose of Thai food and craft beer to the equation. Don't leave it to the last minute; this place gets packed on weekends.

5. Talbot & Bons

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With limited edition beers and monthly specials, Talbot & Bons is one of the establishments that have helped put the airport's Skyparks on the map.

6. The Dubliner

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One of the most popular pubs in Malta, The Dubliner will always be one of the first places to spring to mind when you're thinking of after-work beers. While there are other great contenders in the area, The Dubliner gets extra points for being as authentically Irish as humanely possible.  

7. BeBirgu

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For a small touch of class, check out the beautiful San Lawrenz Band Club Palazzo in the heart of Birgu, now home to BeBirgu. If it's not too cold, then definitely go for beers on the terrace.

8. Surfside

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Synonymous with warm summer nights more than anything else, Surfside is still a great stop in winter, especially when you can enjoy a pint inside while the waves rage just outside the glass doors. Just be sure not to go on a stormy evening.

9. Cheeky Monkey Gastropub

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The interior of Cheeky Monkey just screams a pint with the lads after work, and of all the word hybrids ever formed, "gastropub" has got to be one of our favourites to date.

10. Hole In The Wall

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The original Hole In The Wall opened in 1922. Approaching its 100 year anniversary, the newly opened iteration of the cosy corner bar on Sliema's High Street still won't budge as one of the best places to just chill out after work with a pint and good company.

11. KuYa 

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Beyond a highly successful food truck that turned into a restaurant, KuYa is first and foremost an Asian pub.This means it's the perfect place to get a couple of beers after work, especially if you're looking for a different setting to properly enjoy that Japanese beer you've been meaning to try out for a while.

12. The Brew

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This new bar and grill on Sliema's Strand is perfect for large groups, and its Thirsty Thursdays are a sight to behold. Basically, every Thursday evening from 7 till 9, platter buffets and a pint are ridiculously cheap, to the point that The Brew highly recommends booking to even manage a table.

13. Hugo's Pub

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Technically speaking, most of Hugo's establishments can be the ideal places for an after-work beer, but Hugo's Pub is the one that takes the cake for actually being designed with that intention in the first place. Bonus points for literally being a flight of stairs away from Paceville just in case you've had one too many beers and don't want to go home just yet.

Tag someone who's up for some post-work pints tomorrow!

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