40 Days, 40 Nights, And You Still Need A Place To Eat This Sunday: Some Of Malta’s Tastiest Easter Lunch Menus

Who wants to slave away in the kitchen when you can have a better meal outside?

Lovin Malta Easter Menu

It’s Thursday. You’ve remembered you asked your family or friends round for Easter lunch. "Uuu yes it will be fun, I love to cook," you told them, lying. You’re panicked, but then again it was their fault for believing you. You think you should cancel, remembering last year’s lunch where you drunkenly told your grandmother you got a tattoo.

Don’t worry! Whether you’re forgetful or just actually want to enjoy the day and not slave away in the kitchen, Malta’s culinary scene is here to save you. From traditional meals to something a bit more adventurous, the Malta's got you covered this Easter.

1. The Pulled Meat Company

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Really the only recommendation for anyone who has actually respected Lent and stopped eating meat, even if it's just for Good Friday (what a great excuse to eat fish right?).

The Pulled Meat Company will be serving up its signature baby lamb and offal agnolotti as part of what will definitely be a meat-heavy 3-course set menu at its Valletta outlet.

2. Intercontinental Hotel

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Limiting yourself to a cuisine or traditional recipe can be a burden. Food is food, and sometimes, we shouldn’t be expected to make a choice. In comes Intercontinental, pushing an indulgent Easter buffet that covers everything from Asian, Mexican, Indian and Italian to a carving station.

3. Diar Il-Bniet

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Sometimes, though, a traditional Easter lunch is all that matters.

Calling back to the days where you would pig out on Nanna’s figolli after hoovering down your body weight in food, Diar il-Bniet has put together a menu that appreciates local history and cuisine. With soups, lamb stews, and rabbit on the menu, you might leave Diar il-Bniet feeling a little more patriotic.

4. Pastizzi... Figolli Pastizzi

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You’re hungover, your family is abroad, and you’ve realised you spent most of your paycheck over the long weekend. With that spring-time holiday, you’re looking to just around the corner, and with your beach body more than three months away, it’s time to gorge on pastizzi, pizza, pies, or whatever the coins left in your jeans pocket can buy.

And this year, you won’t even have to listen to people complain that you’re not having a ‘proper’ Easter lunch, thanks to Sphinx launching a figolla pastizz that satisfies any of your Lenten cravings.

5. Guangzhou Chinese Restaurant

Chinese New Year comes and goes with little notice in Malta, but maybe Chinese Easter can actually be a thing.

Food has an uncanny ability to bring us together, and whether it’s a duck, spring rolls, or sweet and sour pork, I can’t think of any better food to share than Chinese. If you’re not that kind of person, you’re not invited.

6. Giuseppi’s

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Whether its lunch or dinner, Christmas or Valentine's Day, Giuseppi’s can set the right mood with the right menu, and this Easter is definitely no exception. Always able to appreciate the fantastic resources from our land and sea, this Salina restaurant is serving a menu that includes pine-smoked octopus, risotto, Gurbel and naturally a traditional lamb or porchetta.

7. Noni

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Whoever said tradition was boring? Noni is bringing modern twists to old-time classics this Easter with oxtail, acquerello aged risotto, and of course, lamb on the menu, this Valletta restaurant is the perfect place for a more intimate meal.

8. Grand Hotel, Gozo

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It’s spring and an Easter trip to Gozo is all you need. The island’s Grand Hotel, which sits pretty in the Mġarr Harbour, has an Easter buffet that can satisfy anyone’s craving, whether that’s antipasto, pasta, or a carvery.

9. Taro

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With its love for Mediterranean gastronomy, Taro is using those distinct flavours to make an Easter meal that would please any foodie.

With a ceviche or game parfait to start, a partridge or short rib for main, and a figolla for dessert, this St Julian’s eatery is serving tradition with a twist.


You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll most definitely argue at some point, but sometimes, home is just the perfect place to spend Easter Sunday.

Making nanna a Campari before she passes an underhanded comment to that cousin you’ve never liked? Win. Got a new partner who’s way out of your league you can show off? Win. Family using every moment to discuss your future? Sneak out, get pastizzi, and never return.

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Julian Bonnici