5 Gorgeous Maltese Wineries You Definitely Need To Check Out

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By now, wine has become an integral part of Malta's culture (and economy). If you were looking for something a bit more special than just sitting down at a table and ordering a bottle of your favourite red or white, however, there are some great wineries around the island to visit. 

Here are five amazing Maltese wineries that will take you behind the scenes of some of the country's finest wines!

1. Delicata

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Delicata is one of Malta's leading family winemakers, and has been around since 1907. Now in its 110th year, it's still going strong with regular discussions, presentations, and tasting sessions at their vaults and wineries.

Delicata even organises a Wine Festival in Malta and Gozo during summer, an event which famously merges great wine and live music.

2. Meridiana

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Lying under the beautiful old capital city of Mdina, Meridiana's 19-hectre wine estate is the site of a thorough tour that includes visits to the fermentation-hall and underground cellar, both set within a traditional (and very picturesque) Maltese farmhouse. 

Tasting Meridiana's premium wines on the panoramic terraces overlooking the vineyards is really just the icing on the cake. 

3. VitiMalta

VitiMalta started off a decade ago as an initiative by a group of local viticultural farmers, and has today established as the largest grape producer organisation in the Maltese Islands. 

VitiMalta (or the Maltese Islands Grape Producer Organisation, as it's more formally known) produces around 90% of grapes for local wineries, and organizes several activities throughout the year. It even hosts information courses to keep farmers updated with the latest information, making sure to maintain Malta's great standard for wine.

4. Ta' Mena

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This Gozitan wine estate's name comes from Carmela Spiteri, who founded it and had her legacy carried on by her family after she died in 1986.

In 2002, the Spiteri family decided to regenerate their agricultural land, adding even more land as the years went by. Teaching guests about its crops, trees, food processing, and of course its delicious winery, Ta' mena is where you have to go if you're looking for that traditional touch of Malta.

5. Marsovin

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Marsovin and the Cassar family own five different estates around Malta and Gozo, covering a total of 20 hectares of land, all of which produce single vineyard estate wines. 

Many of Marsovin's wines have won international awards from leading competitions around Europe, and Masrovin's winery tours and wine tasting  events are there to share the goodness with its guests.

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