6 Clever Ways To Enjoy Your Twistees

Other than simply shovelling them into your face

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Twistees have become one of Malta's most iconic brands, and once you've tried them, it's easy to see why. These delicious, cheesy bites are perfect for many occasions. But have you ever considered eating them as more than just a snack?

1. Make a mac'n'cheese Twistees doughnut

Talk about a match made in heaven. You can follow this video to see exactly how to make it, just replace boring old snacks with incredible Twistees.

Mcndchees Twistees

2. Use them as croutons 

Everyone likes a little crunch in their soup or salad - and Twistees are basically cheese-flavored bundles of joy. Try it, you won't be disappointed.


3. Stuff them in a sandwich 

Many Maltese people will tell you that there's no greater joy to a sandwich than the sudden discovery of everyone's (second) favorite snack nestled in the middle. Fast-food chain Hungry Cow saw this idea, and raised you an entire Twistees burger.


4. Make Twistees chicken fingers

Put your breadcrumbs away and give a packet of crushed Twistees a whirl. You can thank us later.
Chicken Fingers Twistees

Photo: Barefoot and Curious / Facebook

5. Indulge in a chicken, cheese and Twistees bake

This recipe is deliciously simple - all it involves is shredding some chicken, mixing it all in with cheese, kale (yes, kale) and Twistees, and shoving the whole thing in the over. Delish.

Twistees Chicken

6. Take a bath in them

Not something you knew you wanted to do, but that lingering thought will remain there for a while.

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