Every Maltese Packet Ranked From Worst To Best

Did your favourite make the cut?

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15th Cheese balls

They may be the perfect snack when drunk, but these fluffy balls come in a below-average size packet and, all in all, aren't exactly a treat to the senses.

Cheese Balls

14th: Jungle Sticks

Aka French Fries' younger (annoying) brother.

Jungle Sticks

13th: 'American' Popcorn

Not to be confused with the amazing box of microwave popcorn of the same brand. It serves an important role in a niche situation, but in general it's not a standout winner.


12th: Gobblers

Oh Gobblers, we loved you so - but your change in texture and shape is a betrayal we cannot take lightly. How the mighty have fallen #YouCouldHaveBeenTop10


11th: Crix

There's no denying it, Crix deserve a decent placement for providing an interesting flavour you can enjoy when your Nanna accidentally buys them instead of Twistees (their lovable older cousin).

The definition of it'll do.


10th: Blisters

Blisters' interesting taste grants them a solid 10th place, but they couldn't rank any higher because there's only so many you can eat before your mouth starts rejecting the vinegar.

Mt 12

9th: Tastees

The quirky little sister of snacks, they're bacon flavoured and baked to perfection - what's not to love?


8th: Chimpeys

Delicious peanut flips that go down so well on any night out, or even the morning after. Plus that iconic packet designed takes it to another level.


7th: French Fries

A bit on the messy side, French Fries provide the much-needed thrill you search for in every good packet.

French Fries

6th: Jumbos

Speaking of messy - the cheesy fingers are real, but honestly it doesn't even matter. The crunch. The taste. The elephant. Enough said.


5th: Bacos

A solid start to our top five, Bacos put their best foot forward in both texture and flavour.


4th: Party Time

Variety is the spice of life, and that's what Party Time are all about. The ribbed rainbows, the twisty ones, those fuzzy ones that melt in your mouth! Be still my beating heart.

Party Time

3rd: That green packet with the farmer

Because they're so iconic they don't even need an actual name. They're literally just listed as a flavour... because they can. These twisted marvels with little flecks of green are our prized bronze medal winners.


2nd: Twistees

The most controversial position on the list, many would argue that Twistees should be number one. But that's just your patriotic side speaking, not your heart. Also, shout-out to that little man in the bottom right corner.

They're iconic, no doubt, and are great alone, in a soup, in a sandwich or in any situation really. But the number one spot belongs to...


Can you guess what it is...?

Drumroll please...

1st: Krips

Hands down the best Maltese snack ever made. The shape is perfect, the taste even better, and anyone who catches sight of the iconic yellow packaging will instantly start to drool.


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