7 Delicious Sweet Shops Across Malta And Gozo

Have you ever experienced a virtual sugar rush?

Candy Cafe

So your good friend Fiddy is flying over for the weekend, and after a hard night in Havana (where he hears a best-of of his own hits) you decide to pick-n-mix things up, and take him to his favourite place... the candy shop.

Here's seven places that'll have him spending all he's got:

1. C. Camilleri & Sons - Valletta

The pioneer when it comes to pick'n'mix in Malta, C. Camilleri & Sons also offer chocolate, cakes, biscuits and diabetic products.

Popcorn Bar

Oh, and they do popcorn bars too!

2. Candy Cafe - Marsalforn (Gozo)

Coffee shop, pick and mix and amazing ice cream! Candy Cafe is where it's at!

Candy Cafe

3. Dylan's House Of Candy - Naxxar

The shop itself may not be huge, but they do offer an impressive selection of sweets and treats from all over the world (including several flavours of common sweets we never get in Malta)!


4. Benito's Sweetshop - Qormi

Proudly proclaiming itself as 'The sweetest place 2b in Malta!"


5. Candylicious - San Gwann

Located just off the main street of San Gwann, Candylicious has a great selection of pick'n'mix that can be stored in amazing containers as gifts, as well as several candies we've seen in all our TV shows but could never get locally!


6. Soho's Sweet Shop - Attard

It's everyone's dream to own a shop that is literally lined wall to wall with candy.


7. Miss Ellen's Travelling Treats - Hamrun

Adorable and tasty! What more could anyone want?

Ms Ellens Travelling

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