13 Divine Desserts In Malta You Need To Try

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If you're looking to pair the amazing Maltese burgers you just devoured with a tasty after-meal treat, here's a list of some of our favourite places to rush off to right now to get dessert!

1. Lulu's: Sticky Toffee Date Pudding

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Warm date pudding served with hot toffee sauce, walnuts and a drizzle of cream. Seriously, we just lifted that off the menu - do we even need to say more?

2. Flora's: Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

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Pretty much everything at Flora's is made to order, and the C.C.C.C. (we would just replace every C with CRAVING) is one example. They also have a long list of daily cupcakes that will have you getting off your seat and drive to devour.

3. Shoreditch: Red Velvet White Chocolate Fondant Pancake

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From the kings of social media foodporn hype. If that title wasn't enough to send you in a mouthwatering frenzy, we dare you to click on the video above. Be warned though - you'll be knocking on their door by the end of the day, so free up your schedules before pressing Play!

4. Busy Bee: Kannoli

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As far as pretty much every current generation living in Malta is concerned, Busy Bee are one of the OGs of dessert in this country. And you know you've got your hands on a winner when you have various cafés around the island, a never-ending menu of delicious sweets, an entire service dedicated to outdoor catering, and half the reviews on the internet still can't stop raving about your Kannoli!

5. Cinnabon: Caramel Pecanbon

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The trademarked-Cinnabon roll was already good as it is. Adding caramel and pecan to it at this point is basically just a heavenly overdose.

6. Margo's: The Orgasmic Valrhona Chocolate Mousse

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Yes, that is literally what it says on the menu. Word for word. A rich yet light mousse made with 70% estate chocolate. Margo's themselves dare you to find better on the island in this beauty's menu description, and we haven't been able to as of yet. If you're anything like us, even this alone will have you coming back to again and again! 

7. Molly's Cafe: Kinder Cereali Pancake

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A stack of four pancakes topped with Kinder? We can't. We're sorry, we just can't even.

8. Fontanella: Baci Cake

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It's a pretty big honour to constantly be one of the first places to be mentioned whenever anyone asks about cake in Malta, and Fontanella rarely disappoint. While there's a long list of mouthwatering desserts to choose from, the Baci and Chocolate cakes are the ones that always seem to stir the lustiest of conversations. And with that photo, who can blame them?!

9. Baked: Caramel Flake Brownies

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The brain (and love) child of Francesca Farrugia, Baked started off as a small project of customised birthday cakes and cupcakes for friends, but has recently exploded into a Maltese social media breakthrough. 

Because everything is pretty much made to order, each item that makes it to the mouthwatering Facebook page is quite unique. And with the recent addition an office lunch menu, picking one item becomes downright impossible, but these caramel flake brownies are sure winners if you're stuck for what to choose.

10. La Krepree: Ice Cream Pancake

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Calling itself "The Original Pancake Parlour", La Krepree has this summer entered its thirteenth year of Maltese goodness. The beauty of it all is how diverse and customisable of a menu they boast - apart from the option of creating your own crêpe, they even offer unique examples like the Pizza Kapri Crêpe! (Yes, that's a pizza in a pancake).

11. Kejkina: Chocolate & Doughnut Cake

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It's a chocolate cake. With doughnuts on top. Seriously, do we even have to say anything else?! Get ordering on Kejkina's Facebook page as soon as possible because we're just over here trying to see if we can eat our computer screens.

12. Pjazza Gelateria: Ħobż tal-Malti Ice Cream

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Lovin Malta were probably the first to rave about their fusion of homemade ice cream and traditional Maltese bread. They've even introduced an Imqaret (deep fried pastries stuffed with dates) flavour, but this one will surely be the winner for many years to come. 

13. New York Best: The Ice Cream Burger

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Let's just give you a second or two to really think about what you've just read there. It's a NYB burger. Stuffed with ice cream. Ice cream. Burger. Never has the phrase "Nuff said" been more relevant. Oh, and if it's your birthday, you get it for free.

Did we leave something out? Of course we did! Tell us which in the comments on Facebook.

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