7 Restaurants In Malta With Awesome Play Areas For Kids

Distract the bambinos while you enjoy a nice meal

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Although you love your kids, sometimes it's nice to have a relaxing dinner between adults without the energetic distraction of the bambinos.

If you can't find a babysitter at the last minute (but don't want to cancel on a lunch/dinner date either), not to worry because these seven joints with good menus offer awesome play areas for children providing plenty of entertainment!

1. Beano's


Bring your kids and watch them have tons of fun while you eat!

2. YUE Bistro


Enjoy a delicious Mediterranean meal (or a really good brunch) while your kids play in the colourful playroom. You can even keep on eye on them from a flat screen TV in the dining area.

3. Zeffie's


Zeffie's Playhouse offers great fun for children of different ages in a supervised and friendly environment. Adults can relax and enjoy fresh pasta dishes, home-made burgers, meats and pizzas.

4. Flamin' Joe's


Tuck in to some juicy burgers, wings, hot dogs and other American diner classics while the bambinos play hard!

5. Luzzu


Children certainly won't be bored when monkeying about in Luzzu's fun mini playground! Parents can choose from a selection of mouth-watering modern cuisine.

6. Tramici


Dine on some Italian grub and have a catch up with the adults whilst the kids stay occupied in their own little area!

7. The Orchard Restaurant


The Orchard offers free face painting that in their Kids Kingdom play area!

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